Published On: Mon, Jan 8th, 2018

Talking to a sexual harassment attorney: Know when to seek help of a lawyer

Suppose a colleague passed a lewd comment at you during a promotional event for a service that your entire team has been working on and this is not the first time that this co-worker has made you feel uncomfortable in public. Passing sexual innuendos and other kinds of bad behavior at workplace has become commonplace. But you might be scared about creating waves about your colleague, though it is justified enough, you think that this could boomerang your career in the long run.

Then what should be your next immediate step? Should you seek help of a Boston sexual harassment lawyer or for that matter, any attorney within your respective state? Fighting sexual harassment is extremely important for a woman or even for a man. Read on to know more.

In what ways can a sexual harassment lawyer help?

Whenever you experience harassing behavior at work, you might have enough questions which require being answered before you decide what needs to be done. Few of such questions are:

  • Was what happened to you even be termed as sexual harassment? Or as per what the law defines it?
  • In what way should I respond to the person who harassed me?
  • Should the harassment be reported?
  • What should be done about preventing my employer from reciprocating against me for reporting this harassing conduct?

These are few of the questions which you can ask your employment lawyer.

Sexual harassment – What is it?

Any sort of unwelcome sexual advances, sexual favor requests or other physical or oral conduct that is sexual in nature is termed as sexual harassment. Such conduct can create an offensive and hostile work environment. However, you need to understand that all offensive comments can’t be qualified as sexual harassment as according to what the law defines it. It is only when you’re confronted with the conduct which you might think can be termed as sexual harassment; it is always a great idea to consult a lawyer.

Meeting a lawyer before reporting sexual harassment

Even when you’re encountered with harassment, you might require taking few steps to safeguard your rights. For instance, the policy of the employer might need you to report sexual harassment to the managerial employees in order to make the employer liable for the harassment. If you hire an experienced sexual harassment lawyer, he will figure out the perfect HR to whom you need to report about the potential harassment. He can also sit with you to outline the description of the harassing conduct.

Protect yourself because self-help is the best help

Besides letting the lawyer advice you on the steps that you should take, you should also help yourself prepare for fighting against harassment. What are the few steps that you can take in order to safeguard yourself?

  • Document each and every harassment and the discussions about it with the employer
  • In case the harassment continues, prepare yourself to deal with the harasser
  • You should seek advice on how you can report future harassment to the employer
  • Keeping a close watch on the response of the employer after you lodge your complaint to ensure that your employer responds back

Despite saying all this, it is also true at the same time that dealing with harassment at your workplace can make you confused about the way you should instantly respond.

Due to the complexity of discrimination laws and sexual harassment, there are many employees who find it challenging to pursue the claim without legally representing the case. But you need not fret from seeking help of a lawyer if you’re subject to sexual harassment lawyer.

Author: Pankaj Deb

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