Published On: Mon, Feb 3rd, 2014

Super Bowl champ, Seahawks QB Russell Wilson proclaims Jesus, ‘He’ll never leave you, never forsake you’

The headlines will focus on the Seattle Seahawks incredible defeat of the Denver Broncos, but Christians may be proud and happy when they read the remarks by the Super Bowl champion quarterback: Russell Wilson.

Wilson and several of his Seahawks teammates, Russell Okung, Chris Maragos, Clint Gresham and Coach Seto, recently met with Seattle’s Mars Hill Church Pastor Mark Driscoll to discuss their faith.

Mark Driscoll Seattle Seahawks players tal Jesus Christ faith footballWilson is very honest and bold about his faith and love for Christ.

“Jesus is love! At the end of the day, we are all looking for someone to comfort us, somebody to be there for us at all times. When we are at the worst times of our lives, when we are battling with something, or struggles, whatever it may be, when we are at our highest point as well, when things are going really well, we want somebody to comfort us and be there for us and to say, ‘Well done.’ That’s Jesus!”

He added, “Jesus has always been there. He’ll never leave you, never forsake you.”

Seahawks Defensive Passing Game Coordinator Coach Rocky Seto said “Literally, Jesus is the greatest treasure in the universe. It just makes sense. It’s not like you give up your life and then you get something worse. He gave us everything. We had nothing, He gave us everything, so literally it’s just one plus one equals two, it’s that simple. Jesus is better than anything… even better than the Super Bowl, better than an NFL career, any of that.”

Driscoll asked the Seahawks’ group, “Who is Jesus?” to which Seto responded: “Who knows what’s going to happen, but if we were ever to win the Super Bowl… [we will] tell everyone that Jesus is still better.”

With Wilson and the other Seahawks nodding in agreement, Seto added: “Because as much as we worship this thing called ‘the ring’ in a championship, although we would like to have one for sure, I just can’t wait to tell people, if that happens, God willing, we’ll be able to tell people Jesus is way better still because you are going to wake up the next day, [and] things are going to be the same if you don’t have Jesus. If you have Jesus it’s still going to be awesome, win or lose.”

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  1. You're a knucklehead. - The Brew says:

    […] of the world who at 25 set up a non-profit to eliminate sex trafficking, or the Russell Wilson’s who at 25 led the Seattle Seahawks to a Super Bowl win all while proclaiming the name of […]

  2. jmstalk says:

    This is beautiful. I’m not a football fan but yesterday I was praying during the time the game was going on. I thought about that game and it occurred to me that Jesus was looking down on that game at the same time He was there in the room with me. That was a moment to contemplate. And I said, “Lord I don’t know the teams that are playing, but I pray for the underdog, whichever that team may be.” Well, I don’t know if that was the case with Seattle or not, but I see that God allowed the outcome to show His glory.

  3. Anita says:

    Good for him. The truth is the truth. They tired to bad mouth Tebow for speaking out about his faith, but there are many more to take his place. Here is one of them.

  4. Debra says:

    And this is why the Seattle Seahawks won. They placed God above all else. No other explanation or comment is needed. God bless this team. Their reward has been given them!

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