Published On: Tue, Jan 22nd, 2019

Strategies For Offline Brand Marketing

The World Wide Web has long become a place where even the smallest startups embody their dreams, but this does not mean that offline strategies have stopped working. If you want to succeed, you should be able to sell your product to people who are not connected to the Internet every day. By developing a marketing campaign outside the online sphere, you can attract new customers and ensure high profitability for your business. Today we will know some brand promotion offline strategies that you can use in your marketing campaign right now.

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  1. Journal Article

Why not write and offer an article to the press, where your site or company will be mentioned? This does not have to be advertising: you can act as an expert and make exciting material in the field of your business (for example, if you sell baby strollers, write how to choose them). Of course, many publications went to the web, but believe me, a sufficient number of people buy printed versions of magazines, especially the generation 40+.

  1. Business cards

Now a business card is a quality landing page, but you meet offline people, maybe you hold some events, and by ear, the address of the portal and the brand name is not always easy to remember. Printed matter is a much more reliable information keeper. Of course, we are exaggerating, but even the laziest entrepreneur must make himself a business card 🙂

  1. Conducting seminars

Among the activities that hold brands, the most useful are educational seminars. If you are engaged in the arts or serving B2B clients, you can teach your audience something new.

Give independent and free advice. Yes, yes, free – in this case, seminars are not a reason to make money, but advertising and the opportunity to attract interested people and show themselves as an expert. To interest, a wide audience, try to offer something beneficial, for example, a discount on products or services, for the participants of the seminar.

For example, Alfa-Bank has been conducting free financial literacy seminars in different cities. They share some tips on concluding credit agreements and planning a personal budget, and of course, advertise themselves, because it’s hard to resist openness.

  1. Branding of goods

T-shirts, pens, notebooks, mugs, cup coasters with a company logo are all brand forms. Creating and distributing such things helps spread the name of a company at the speed of a forest fire. Such promotional materials speed up marketing. Besides, it helps to attract loyal customers. Do not forget to specify the domain name on the goods, or, for example, print a limited edition of some things with a promo code for a discount. It will turn out just fine.

  1. Advertising posters

Online advertising does not bring proper results? If so, consider real billboards in your city. Imagine how much attention you can attract, because thousands of people walk and pass by them every day. This is a rather expensive “pleasure,” but effective.

  1. Participation in a trade show

The organization of trade shows is now quite a popular event. Brands cooperate and create something like fairs, where they present their products. Attracting customers to the stand can be due to banners and beautiful handouts. Exhibitions are not a cheap event, so it’s better to put it into a marketing plan in advance and think about how you will collect contacts of potential customers there.


Owners of online businesses without a “physical” store can use many ways from offline marketing to increase growth. To determine the best methods for your brand will help the correct setting of goals that you set.

Author: Jacob Maslow

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