Published On: Wed, Aug 29th, 2012

Stephen Amell talks ‘Arrow,’ wanting to play villain and good vs evil

Stephen Amell prepares for the CW action series based on the famous DC Comics superhero Green Arrow. Titled “Arrow,” Amell plays Oliver Queen, a billionaire playboy who is written off as dead after going missing on a mysterious island.

When Queen returns to the “real world” he adds crime fighting to his lifestyle full of clubbing, drinking and partying.

 During an interview with After Elton, Amell admits to always to play a villain as explains the appeal of adapting the Green Arrow.

“Playing a superhero on TV. For sure. I always wanted to play a villain, but then I read the pilot and the pilot is unflinching. I mean, I kill a guy with my bare hands. I don’t want to, but I have an ultimate goal and he’s collateral damage. It’s acceptable. It’s an acceptable loss. It weighs on me, but it’s acceptable. When I read the pilot I had a picture of it in my head, and it was exactly as I wanted it to be. Then when I spoke with the producers and the director and I asked them what their vision was, the two synched up perfectly. So then I got really excited.”

Amell elaborated saying the line between good and bad gets blurred.

“I’d love it to be blurred all the time. For example, my buddy on the show, Tommy [Merlyn], played by Colin Donnell…there’s a lineage towards Merlyn, who’s the Arrow’s nemesis. I would love for him to play such a great villain and have such convincing points that some people would be, ‘Merlyn’s kind of got a point.’ I mean, that’s awesome. I hope that people always respect what Oliver’s doing, but not everyone has to like it. And I’m fine with that.”

The debut of “Arrow” is October 10th.

“Arrow” will come to CW this fall on Wednesday nights

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