Published On: Sat, Jun 2nd, 2012

Stephen Amell says ‘Arrow’ is searching for humanity in Green Arrow, Oliver Queen

IGN spoke with Arrow star Stephen Amell about the upcoming CW drama based on “Green Arrow,” divulged that DC Comics CCO Geoff Johns had visited the set and expounded about “Arrow’s” take on Oliver Queen.

“We tried to make him as real as possible.”

Amell told IGN.

“The character doesn’t have any superpowers. Nobody on the show has any superpowers. [Arrow pilot director] David Nutter — I think he said this when a picture of the costume was released — when he made Smallville, he wanted to find the humanity in Clark Kent. We’re looking for the humanity in Oliver Queen too. He’s gone through a ton to get to where he is, and we’re going to explore how he got there. But we wanted to make sure that he was really properly weighted and real.”

There is a five year gap where Oliver Queen is missing (Comic Book Fans: Read Mike Grell’s ‘Lone Bow Hunters’ and his ongoing series)

Yeah, he gets stranded on the island, and we explore that. We’re going to explore the island as we move along, but he got some really important advice before he got to the island. He’s taken that with him for five years, and comes back with business to take care of.

Amell raved about the Green Arrow costume

Aw, man, it was awesome. The costume is great too. The main idea behind the costume for us was functionality. I can put the costume on by myself, and that was super important. If I can put it on by myself, I think that people will buy it. And that was our idea. That’s our world.

Check out the full interview here

Arrow-first-look-suit Stephen AMell in full uniform


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