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Star Wars Celebration 2017: Pin trading checklist, show exclusives

The Star Wars Celebration exclusive merch has constantly been rolling out. Below is the official “checklist” of pins available for the event, well sort of…

From the press release: Welcome to the 2017 Star Wars Celebration Pin Trading Program. This years’ pin set feature 40 unique Star Wars characters pins – one pin for each year of Star Wars history – with art by Derek Laufman.


Fans can purchase select collectible Pins directly at the Celebration Store, and other Pins will be available from select Star Wars Celebration Orlando Exhibitors and Staff members. But if you’re a badge-holder, you don’t have to wait until Star Wars Celebration Orlando to get started with Pin Trading. Select pins will be available on the Road to Celebration page. Make sure to refer to the Pin Trading rules below, so you know how you can begin Pin Trading. Also check out the pin images below; more pins will be revealed in the weeks leading up Star Wars Celebration Orlando 2017.

Also check out the full list of pins that will be revealed during Star Wars Celebration Orlando 2017.

Show Store Pins: These pins will available either in Sets or Blind Packs in our Show Store during the Show.
Exhibitor Exclusive Pins: Select Exhibitors will have these Pins available at their Booths on the Show Floor.
Staff Exclusive Pins: These Pins are only able to be obtained by trading with a Staff member.
Road to Celebration Exclusive Pins: These Pins are exclusive to the Road to Celebration, online to badge-holder before the show.

Be ready to trade when you get to Star Wars Celebration! Print out our handy Pin Trading checklist here

C-3PO and R2-D2   $44-80

Luke and Yoda  $50-80

Luke  $12-35

Yoda  $20 – 35

Lando and Ackbar

Jedi 3-Pack



Mace Windu

Sith 3-pack




Bounty Hunter 3-Pack  $45-75

Boba Fett  $35-55

IG-88  $15-35

Bossk  $15-35

Rogue One 3-Pack  $60-$80

Jyn Erso



Women of Star Wars  $50-75

Leia $15-25

Rey  $18-25

Sabine (Rebels)  $15-30

Han Solo Exclusive  $35-50

Finn Exclusive  $35-55

Snowtrooper Exclusive  $35-65

General Thrawn Exclusive  $159-300   SUPER HOT!

The Del Rey Thrawn pin was free (while supplies lasted) for those who purchased Celebration Edition of Star Wars: Thrawn by Tim Zahn ($35) Read more HERE

Hera Exclusive  $65-150

Zeb (Rebels) Exclusive  $30-60 (ThinkGeek)

Greedo Exclusive  $75-125

Kylo Ren Exclusive  $60

Rogue One Deathtrooper Exclusive  $30 – $70


Darth Vader


Biker Scout


Ezra (Rebels)  $15 – $40

Grand Moff Tarkin

Jar Jar Binks

Chopper (Rebels)  $10 – $30


Lunchbox and Thermos pin set LE 1500 $22-30

Carrie Fischer/Princess Leia tribute pin w/R2-D2 LE 1000    $45-60

Han Solo/Greedo “Who Shot First” LE 4000 slider pin  $25-35

Chewbacca “Wookies Need Love Too” LE 4000 pin  $30 (photo below)

Darth Vader Lives LE 4000 pin/button $30 (photo below)

ThinkGeek offered a Jabba the Hutt and Salacious Crumb pin as a gift with purchases of $50 or more Get one here $15-40

LAST UPDATE: 4/23/17

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