Published On: Tue, Nov 10th, 2015

‘Spectre’ uses James Bond nostalgia, with tons of action to fall short of ‘Skyfall’

Making “old” new again has been the theme during the Daniel Craig James Bond films and Spectre appears to strike a satisfactory balance between the nostalgia of classic Bond films, the menacing network known as Spectre and put a bookend on the faces from Craig’s first three 007 films.

Skyfall director Sam Mendes returns and Spectre begins in Mexico City with Bond on an unsanctioned mission which levels the block and kicks off the action elements of the film. Back home, the news just fuels the desire to shutdown the 00 program with the formation of a new global intelligence pact. Bond uses his friendships with Q, Moneypenny and M to venture out on his own to sniff out this lead from Mexico City, which traces to Spectre with Christoph Waltz’s Franz Oberhauser at its head.

Daniel Craig as James Bond in SpectreWhere Skyfall was a character film, Spectre is a franchise full, but falls short of delivering like the new Mission Impossible films. The action is great until the contrived ending and escape. The Bond girl (Léa Seydoux) is no replacement of Vesper or equal to Bond.

There are a ton of rumors with Mendes set to exit the franchise, Craig not under contract for Bond 25 and fans clamoring for Blofeld. Sadly, Spectre didn’t resolve these issues well.

If Mendes leaves, it’ll be on a down note. If Craig’s last film is Spectre, it will tarnish his run as Bond. And for Blofeld, well…if old themes and storylines weren’t being crammed into to these next films, we’d never see Dave Bautista’s Hinx.

Ben Whishaw Daniel Craig Spectre James Bond photoHinx is a generic Oddjob and Jaws without an ounce of personality. He’s relentless and formidable, but doesn’t return in act 3 and shows how the creators have derailed the train.

The supporting cast steal the show as Ralph Fiennes is an intense M, Naomie Harris’ Moneypenny is fantastic with Ben Whishaw’s Q makes Desmond Llewelyn proud. Andrew Scott as the snotty, arrogant “C” in charge of the new surveillance shines at times before becoming another disposable piece to the Spectre puzzle.

While Spectre is fun and entertaining, especially for Bond fans, it’s villain disappoints terribly. Mendes is so draped in 1960’s Bond references that Waltz becomes a third-rate knockoff of Javier Bardem in Skyfall.

The twists and turns are entertaining, but the gadget free Craig Bond is a second rate investigator and the third act just drones on as his Bond is relying entirely on charm.

Spectre receives 3 stars out of 5 stars

I am certainly being generous with my ratings. Casino Royale and Skyfall are far superior films, but the old movie references are entertaining for fans of the franchise and I AM A BIG ONE! Craig seems to have lost interest and while I don’t want to see Idris Elba become the new Bond, it is likely time to move on.


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