Published On: Tue, Aug 28th, 2018

Should Students Have Homework? Is Homework Necessary?

Should homework be banned? Is your kid doing too much homework? And can it really harm your kid’s health? The academic stress, which is hitting children much earlier in life than ever before, has been a disputable topic for a while now.

There are a lot of services, which provide students with a professional academic assistance in doing homework and different types of writing assignments in multiple disciplines. For example, there is a service called AssignmentExpert.com which specializes in the most difficult subjects like Programming, Math, and Physics. But even the fact of having a professional helper doesn’t make it easier for a student to handle a bunch of homework assignments after classes.

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Today, teens are absolutely overwhelmed and even exhausted because of the amount of work they have to complete. The hours of homework and high demands of getting into college make students feel stressed more than ever before. So, should homework be really banned? And what is the point of it initially?

Homework at School: to Ban or Not to Ban?

First of all, let’s find out the real reason for doing a homework. What’s the point of it?

It is believed that one of the most important things about doing a homework is reinforcing the discipline. It also helps to bridge the gap between the knowledge you get at school and the practice, which you’re doing at home. Though it creates a lot of stress for most students, it helps to reinforce what they’re learning at school at the moment. It serves as a trigger to make their mind think over what they’ve heard and learned at school.

The problem is in the pressure that teachers and schools, in general, put on the children to get that learning into them. So, after a long day at school, all that an average student has is:

  • the feeling of exhaustion;
  • the feeling of being absolutely tired;
  • the need to chill out.

Can the problem be solved? Does this mean that homework assignments should be banned at all?

Generally, it is hard to find the right answer to the question. A qualitative debate is required. But the problem is that it is quite difficult to define what qualitative and effective homework is. The healthy discussion is what both parts – for and against homework- need at the moment.

One of the potential solutions, which has been already implemented in some schools, is making the school day a little bit longer. So, some institutions stopped homework assignments but made the actual learning process at school a little bit longer.

Another big problem of stress caused by homework is that students are not actually taught how to work alone after classes. So, maybe some new ways of teaching are needed more than just making homework assignments something, which is banned completely. Probably, the old-fashioned ways of teaching don’t work for the fast pace of modern life. And what do you think about this problem? Do kids really need homework?

Author: Julia Smith

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