Published On: Fri, Sep 3rd, 2010

Sears sells mousepads that say ‘I molested your honor student’ and other offensive statements

You’ve seen the bumper stickers: “My child’s an honor student,” and the not-so-nice responses about what my kid could do to your honor student. But CBS 2 Chief Correspondent Jay Levine found a new low in those insults – on mouse pads, advertised by one of America’s best-known retailers.

It was part of a major back-to-school collection. Patty from St. Charles e-mailed CBS 2 about it.

“I was shopping at Sears online store,” she wrote, “and I was shocked to find that they sell mouse pads, saying things like, ‘I molested your honor student’ and ‘I got your honor student pregnant.'”

We found them, too, and placed a call to Sears to ask what was going on. In the meantime, we made a mock mouse pad from their artwork and asked others what they thought.

“I don’t buy it, I don’t believe it,” said one woman.

“Oh, no, that’s too bad. That’s a shame,” said one man.

“That’s terrible,” said another man.

That’s what Patty thought.

“I immediately filled out a feedback form and was even more surprised by their response,” Patty told us. “They brushed it off like it was nothing.”

“We have reviewed the products in question,” Sears wrote, “and found the products do not fall outside our marketplace guidelines.”

What would you say about a company selling these kind of mouse pads?

“I would definitely boycott ’em,” said one woman.

“Sears, I’m not shopping there anymore,” said another woman.

A predictable reaction, said Loyola University business ethics professor John Boatright.

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