Published On: Sun, Aug 14th, 2011

Sam Worthington talks ‘Wrath of the Titans’ script, character, getting ‘weighty’

While promoting his new film, The Debt, actor Sam Worthington spoke about Wrath of the Titans, the follow-up to Clash of the Titans, and how the Avatar star’s career has changed.

clash-of-the-titans-sam-worthington-photo“…If you get something like Avatar, it opens up a lot of big blockbuster doors. But there was a thing my mate told me years ago, when I said, ‘Oh, there’s a great independent script and a great blockbuster script, and the independent thing will show me off more as a character.’ He said, ‘But which movie would you go and see?’ He said, ‘You go see blockbusters.’ And that’s how I pick. I pick which movie by ‘would I want to go see something like The Debt?’ Or, ‘Do I want to see something like Terminator (Salvation)?’ And within that, you kind of by chance end up with a career that balances…”

Worthington then gives fans a hint that more drama is coming in Wrath.

“You make Clash 2 weighty. Clash 1 is a video game. You make Clash 2 weighty. You take everything you’ve learned, and go, I’m not doing this f–ing sh*t! I’m going to do a weighty script in a blockbuster. That’s the bigness of a blockbuster. They’re very hard because they’re done by such a machine, so you try to get that weight that an independent can allow you, that freedom that they have on an independent script, and then you try to fit it into a blockbuster where there’s a whole set of people who have a say. With something like Clash 2, that’s definitely what we’ve aimed for. And that’s all I really want to say on that.”

He talked about his character, developing the script: “You do it all of the way through. You sit down with the studio, you sit down with the character, you sit down with everybody and have a whole different look at how we’re going to handle it. But that’s the hard thing about making blockbusters, because they’re just churning them out; they give you five months and the date’s already pre-planned for the next year. There’s a speed on it. But if you can get that weight and gravity into a blockbuster, even into the character – I’ve let slip myself a couple of times – but that’s going to be changing. You’ve got to work a bit harder, I find. Blockbusters aren’t necessarily as easy as you think.”

Check out the full interview over at Coming Soon – click here

Wrath of the Titans is planned to hit theaters on March 20, 2012.

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