Published On: Mon, Apr 22nd, 2013

Rebecca Hall talks ‘Iron Man 3,’ love triangle as Shane Black says Marvel killed ‘alcoholism story’

Rebecca Hall plays scientist Maya Hansen, a figure from Tony Stark’s (Robert Downey Jr) past who has developed a groundbreaking formula known as the Extremis virus.

“She met Tony Stark a long time ago when she was an M.I.T student, being funded to research into a certain field that he’s also a specialist in – because he’s a specialist in everything, he’s a bit like that,” Hall told Flicks & Bits. “She can match Tony Stark intellectually.”

Rebecca Hall in "Iron Man 3"

Rebecca Hall in “Iron Man 3”

Describing Maya’s dynamic with Stark, Hall suggested that the two characters have a unique relationship because on even playing ground with the inventor and genius.

“It’s a great challenge and it’s fun! I like their dynamic as well. With Maya, I think she’s an equally driven, scientific genius.”

Fans are expecting a love triangle storyline with Peppter Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow), so Hall addresses that concept.

“The thing that I really like about this story line is that everyone assumes that it’s going to be this massive love triangle and that there’s going to be this massive cat-fight between Pepper Potts and Maya, and it was never that on the page. Instead they done what the ‘Iron Man’ franchise has pretty much always done, they sort of subverted expectations and stereotypes and actually made it about two very smart women who know that they understand this rather eccentric figure (laughs). And there is a sort of bonding that happens because of that, they’re very funny about it and it’s not at all what some people may have been expecting. They’re strong, intelligent, smart women.”

Director Shane Black has revealed that he and his writing partner Drew Pearce initially considered exploring Stark’s alcoholism in Iron Man 3, but this idea was rejected by Marvel Studios.

Iron Man 3 opens May 3, 2013.

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