Published On: Thu, Feb 7th, 2013

Rand Paul says he second guesses Hillary Clinton over the Benghazi attack

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) went on Fox News’ America’s Newsroom today after hearing Leon Panetta’s testimony during a  hearing concerning the Benghazi attack to the Senate Armed Services Committee to give his thoughts on this issue.

Senator Rand PaulImage/Video Screen Shot

Senator Rand Paul
Image/Video Screen Shot

Speaking on Sec. Panetta’s testimony, Paul concurred there was an issue with “time and distance” for which the military could respond and that the military can’t always be there exactly when needed; however, the Senator asks, “Who made the decision not to have our AC130s closer, our F-16s closer?”

Senator Paul asks the question reminiscent of the Hillary Clinton testimony with the Senate Foreign Relations Committee a short time ago, “Why did we put someone in a situation like this without adequate military protection?”

The security of an embassy in Libya requires complete control of the military, Paul states, comparing it to the security situation at the embassy in Baghdad. “We should be treating Libya as a war zone”.

He points out how security for these embassies should be treated differently that the security in an embassy like in Paris.

Paul confirms that the military is not to blame and turns his criticisms to former Sec. of State Hillary Clinton. “The person I second guess is not the Defense Dept., the person I second guess is Sec. Clinton for not having adequate security, for turning down security”.

Considering the real dangers of Libya, Paul says, “Its is inexcusable for her (Clinton) not to read these cables (requesting more security).”

“It was a huge judgement error not to have more security for our consulate and for our embassy in Tripoli”.

Paul later said in a Facebook post this evening concerning former Sec. Clinton:

When Sec. of Defense Les Aspin denied requests for armored tanks in Mogadishu, we ended up with the Black Hawk Down incident in 1993. Aspin eventually resigned over it. When I said Sec. of State Clinton should have lost her job over Benghazi, similar to what happened to Apsin under President Bill Clinton, I meant it.

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