Published On: Wed, Sep 6th, 2017

Protective Sports Equipment Keeps You Injury-Free

Playing sports is great. Getting hurt while playing sports is not great. That’s why you have to pay a lot of attention to the protective gear that you can buy for athletics. It doesn’t matter how old or how young you are, and how cool or uncool different pieces of equipment look or feel –  make sure that you prioritize safety first!

Protective equipment is going to save your smile. It’s going to keep you from getting concussions.

Putting on the right catcher’s mitt or glove will keep you from breaking your fingers and wrists.

And if you choose the right shoes for the right sports, you’ll avoid foot, ankle, and knee injuries that have become so prevalent in competitive sports.

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Save that Smile

Buying a good mouthguard can mean the difference between having a great smile forever, and losing your teeth. It is that simple of an equation. Hockey, football, lacrosse, and baseball all have violent collisions with people and with hard balls or pucks of different sorts. If you don’t want to be spitting blood and getting a crooked grin, find the best and most effective mouthguard you can buy, and use it religiously.

Helmets All Around

Most contact sports require helmets. And helmet technology is improving to try to prevent some of the worst types of head injuries. There is a lot of attention right now on how many concussions over the years can cut lives significantly short. Especially in professional football, the results of long-term even minor head injuries has been shown to cause catastrophic damage as people get into their older years. If you play a contact sport, wear your helmet, and make sure it fits.

Gloves Avoid Broken Fingers

A lot of different sports have gloves that are part of the game. In hockey, football, and baseball, good-quality gloves can prevent broken fingers. And one of the fastest ways to not be able to play your game anymore is to have those digits not working properly, or have you in a lot of pain because something is snapped or torn. Gloves can be expensive, but the alternative is not worth avoiding the cost.

The Right Shoes for the Right Sports

There are millions of different kinds of athletic shoes. Concerning safety and preventing injury, what you need to do is figure out the right shoe for your foot for that sport. Basketball shoes have different safety features and soccer cleats. Try to avoid having the wrong shoe on during an exercise where there is a capacity for strain or sprain because of the motions involved in the sport. Especially as people get bigger and more athletic, shoes become even more important because of the potential for injury.

Author: Anna Johansson

photo Jeffrey Beall via wikimedia commons

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