Published On: Wed, Jan 20th, 2021

Pros and Cons of Extended Stay Hotels

You are currently being scheduled to complete extensive training in another major city, so you need to book some accommodations. You’ll be staying in the destination city for six weeks, and you wonder whether you’ll find a comfortable place to stay for that long. One accommodation option you might be considering is an extended stay hotel. Brian Ferdinand, a leading travel expert, recently outlined the benefits and drawbacks of this type of accommodation.

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An extended stay hotel can be a suitable option for a business trip, as it is an upgrade from your traditional hotel room. For instance, these hotels come with more room and comfort-providing amenities. However, the reality is, extended stay hotels still don’t offer the level of amenities and comforts that you can find in another business travel accommodation option—a luxury corporate housing unit, according to Brian Ferdinand.

With an extended stay hotel, unlike a corporate housing unit, you are still living in the hotel setting. As a result, you’ll still be dealing with relatively small amounts of space compared with corporate housing units. For example, in the majority of situations, everything in your living space (except for your bathroom) will be in a single place. Your kitchen, bed, and workstation/desk will be in the same area, much as it is in a city studio apartment.

In addition, note that with extended stay hotels, you’ll likely need to purchase or bring any kitchenware you need outside of a plate/bowl and a single eating utensil set. The reason for this is that things type of accommodation isn’t generally meant for ultra-lengthy stays, so providing measurable comforts isn’t a priority for many extended stay hotel owners.


When you choose an extended stay hotel, be prepared to deal with high levels of foot traffic in some areas. This can be a major drawback of extended stay hotels, especially during the current global COVID-19 pandemic. Your hotel’s elevator, fitness center, laundry room, restaurant, vending areas, and lobby may attract large swaths of people, thus increasing your risk of developing COVID-19.

Of course, with extended stay hotels, you do experience the benefit of receiving housekeeping services every day. In addition, you don’t have to worry about signing a lease to stay in this type of hotel. This form of accommodation also generally comes with rates that are reasonable. All in all, extended stay hotels are a relatively efficient accommodation option for today’s business traveler.

Author: James Daniel

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