Published On: Tue, May 10th, 2016

President Obama includes gender identity in Mother’s Day tribute, noting transgender nanny

President Obama offer a salute to transgender “mothers” in his annual Mother’s Day proclamation, the first-ever explicit reference to biological males identifying as mothers in the history of the annual presidential message.

Obama wrote in the first paragraph of his statement that “Regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, or marital status, mothers have always moved our Nation forward and remained steadfast in their pursuit of a better and brighter future for their children.”

One pro-life leader said that conflating the two binary sexes in such a public way confuses children.

“Now the ‘transgendered,’ if they have children, can be celebrated twice a year as their children prefer to think of them as either ‘mother,’ or ‘father,’ or both,” said Samuel B. Casey, general counsel of the Law of Life Project. Such a classification, he said, is “confusing, but sufficiently inclusive to pass President Obama’s evolving politically correct proclamation of motherhood in America.”

photo John Hain

photo John Hain

WND.com Managing Editor David Kupelian, author of the book The Snapping of the American Mind, called this year’s statement “head-spinning LGBT madness.”

“With Obama, everything is political – employed to advance his perversely transformative agenda,” even Mother’s Day.

“Perhaps the fact that Obama had a transgender nanny as a young boy in Indonesia (a gay transgender man named Evie) has something to do with Obama’s outlook,” he wrote.

Obama wrote in the proclamation that “mothers – biological, foster, or adoptive – are our first role models and earliest motivators.”

In last year’s proclamation, Obama hailed all mothers, “[w]hether married or single, LGBT or straight, biological, adoptive, or foster.” However, his usage appeared to highlight the mother’s sexual orientation, not their underlying biology.




Transgender people make up at most 0.3 percent of the American population, according to the Williams Institute.

Jo Clifford  photo/Facebook

Jo Clifford photo/Facebook



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