Published On: Fri, Apr 25th, 2014

Politician ‘horrified’: Aborted fetuses in Oregon medical waste energy plant

Local offiicals moved fast as the news broke that British Columbia was sending their aborted and miscarried babies, along with the rest of their medical waste, to a plant in Brooks, Oregon where they would be burned to generate electricity for the area’s residents.

 photo Ivon19 via wikimedia commons

photo Ivon19 via wikimedia commons

“We called an emergency meeting because this is an emergency,” Commissioner Janet Carlson said at the start of the meeting. “We need to deal with it now.”

Carlson added, “I am horrified. There are not enough strong words to describe my feelings. This will not continue…I don’t even want to call it ‘material;’ these are babies.”

Marion County Commissioners temporarily halted the use of the medical waste at Covanta Marion, Inc. and held a last-minute hearing Thursday morning to address the issue, LifeNews.com reported.

Commissioner Sam Brentano said the “waste-to-energy” plant was intended to efficiently destroy waste and, in the process, generate electricity, but the plant was “never intended to be a destruction of human fetal tissue.”

The contract with Stericycle, the company bringing the waste from B.C. and other places in the Northwest, has been in place for the past 5-7 years. The “waste,” from sharps to amputated digits to aborted babies, is put into red bags at the facilities (abortion clinics, hospitals, etc) where it is “collected,” then sealed into boxes. The boxes are not opened again. They are brought to the plant and burned in a process that generates electricity.

The commissioners were in agreement that the acceptance of any “fetal tissue” must permanently cease. They have started their legal team drawing up new ordinances reflecting this and will either sever their contracts with Stericycle or give the company the opportunity to amend the contracts to disallow the inclusion of the remains of aborted and miscarried babies along with legitimate medical waste.

Commissioner Carlson reiterated her horror and her intent to immediately and permanently end import of these aborted and miscarried babies into Marion County. She said the practice was “disgusting and [showed] total disrespect of human life.”

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  1. Herlinda Russo says:

    I think that Politician is so worried about Horrified aborted baby but do they support those abortions

  2. Sunshine Superman says:

    Google “Soilent Green”

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