Published On: Sun, Jun 2nd, 2013

Police seeking Boaz Johnson, Hawaii man wanted for questioning in death of his pregnant girlfriend, Brittany Royal

A murder investigation is under way in Hawaii after a pregnant woman from Orange County was found strangled in Hawaii.

Police are reporting that fishermen found Brittany Jane Royal’s body on Tuesday in Kalapana. The 25-year-old from Tustin was two months pregnant. Now authorities are seeking her boyfriend, Boaz Johnson, who was last seen in Puna, Hawaii.

UPDATE: Authorities have neither confirmed nor denied their interest in Johnson. Some communications with police led to the headline indicating he was a “suspect,” in the killing of Brittany Jane Royal. The correction has been made to reflect the current status in the case – more here.

Boaz Johnson

Boaz Johnson

Royal’s family says she had moved to Hawaii to teach yoga, and still can’t really fathom what’s happened.

“As a mother it’s the hardest thing to imagine, losing a child and especially in a way like this,” said Royal’s mother, Julie Spahn Royal.

Johnson, age 22, Royal’s boyfriend has been missing since Monday, when the couple went camping together. Around noon that day was the last time the family heard from Johnson.

Police ask that anyone with information on his whereabouts contact Detective Fetuutuunai Amuimuia at 961-2278 or[email protected].

Tipsters who prefer to remain anonymous may call Crime Stoppers at 961-8300 in Hilo or 329-8181 in Kona and may be eligible for a reward of up to $1,000. Crime Stoppers is a volunteer program run by ordinary citizens who want to keep their community safe.

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  1. Brat says:

    Well no one have to look any further,hé killed himself and that is good..his family would have done any thing to prove that hé didn’t killed his girlfirend. I am glad hé was man enough to confess in his writing that hé did it and not having people blaming random people.Too bad that his family now know the truth,i guess they suddenly not talking..the only person i am sorry for is the girl and the baby hé killed and for family having to deal with their loss..my paryers goes out to them,even though this been a while,they wound will never heal,the only thing day by day they are able to deal with it,but this will be always..

  2. Brittany Royal murder: Boaz Johnson, suspect or victim – unsolved mystery from 2013 - The Global Dispatch says:

    […] body was found, strangled to death, but Johnson still remains missing, a suspect in the investigation according to […]

  3. BigIslander says:

    As of today the police have now proclaimed Bo Johnson as “the” suspect. He has supposedly been spotted in the puna area. http://www.hawaiipolice.com/wanted-boaz-johnson-07-03-13

  4. Pick says:

    Mark,ruth, tim, my thoughts are with you and your family. Im so sorry to hear about this.

  5. Ann says:

    My family is from Hilo. We have always had a good experience with the police. Puna became a lawless area when people started growing marijuana there in the 1970s. Murders are not that common in Hawaii. When one happens you remember it for a long time.

    There was an unsolved murder in Puna in 1980. A young couple camping at MacKensie Park were murdered. The case was never solved. In 1991 a young woman on a biking in Kapoho who was murdered. Three men were caught; there may have been a fourth man. The most recent murder(s) of the young couple camping is a tragedy.

    I would advise those of you who know something about the most recent murder(s) to contact Crime Stoppers at 961-8300 or write a letter with no return address if you are worried about the call being traced.

    Ua Mau Ke Ea O Ka Aina I Ka Pono.

    • Big Islander says:

      The body of the witness that put two of the men behind bars for the Dana Ireland murder in 91 was found decomposed in the woods of Stainback road while looking for another murder victims body. Murders are becoming more common in that area. I stay away from Puna, it’s dangerous!

  6. Family maintains missing man Boaz Johnson did not kill pregnant fiance, calling for more help from police - The Global Dispatch says:

    […] Family and friends of Boaz Johnson are still asserting his innocence, saying that they believe he was also a victim. Johnson, Royal’s fiance, has been a “Person of Interest” since the beginning of the investigation and have given misleading hints that he was a suspect at some point. […]

  7. RKO says:

    After being threatened with death by a local who lives near Isac Hale, and out near the lava, I can say that the police are not going to investigate the locals. The police act as if you are the criminal if you try and file a report. The police would rather let a murderer get away that arrest one of their own. The police here are NOT to be trusted. They are far more like a gang than police.

  8. Nicole says:

    Bo is a kind,hardworking family orientated young man.He was looking forward to being a father and starting a life with his girlfriend.Bo is not the type to harm anyone and to not be in touch with his family.The police there SAY they are asking for leads and help in his disappearance and his girlfriends murder-yet they have not responded to leads that Bo and his girlfriend and others were threatened-nor do they seem interested.I know for a fact that witnesses have called the police and crime stoppers and have NOT been contacted in return.Bo has family and friends that care about him and need to know what happened to him and who is responsible for the death of his girlfriend and unborn child.If you read his sister Abi’s letter,you can get a picture of who this young man is and what he means to his family and friends.

  9. Mark says:

    Hoping the police will start investigating Bo as a “missing person” and look into the threats made on his life and others in the Puna area.

  10. Big Islander says:

    You all can check out the Hawaii County Police site and see what goes on in Puna. They just found skeletal remains of another human. That area of the island is out of control. http://www.hawaiipolice.com/

  11. No updates in Brittany Jane Royal murder case, Boaz Johnson still missing … | Alaska News Feed says:

    […] […]

  12. No updates in Brittany Jane Royal murder case, Bo… | Alaska News Feed says:

    […] […]

  13. Ashley Willcox says:

    This article, especially its title, is a disgrace to journalism and the justice system. People seem to have forgotten that in this country we are “innocent until proven guilty.” Simply because someone was last seen with someone does NOT make them a prime murder suspect. I think it is atrocious that a good man, who is horrifyingly most likely a victim himself, is being libeled in this way and called a murderer. It is disgraceful and disgusting, and I hope that this publication will take the facts into account before posting untruths such as these.

    • Sheila says:

      I agree with Ashley and cannot say it better than she did. From what I know, there is NO proof whatsoever that this man is the killer. He is missing and most likely a victim himself.

    • Stephen says:

      I agree with Ashley, I just watched ABC story on this and it stated specifically that local police have not declared who they think the culprit is and are merely seeking Boaz Johnson for questioning because he would have crucial information. He was dating this girl and they were planning on buying a property and starting a business in Hawaii and get married. Slandering someone who is likely a victim is below journalism or charity. Boaz has a family too with parents who are likely worried sick for their son. Lets show some respect.

  14. Big Islander says:

    Aloha Abi,

    I feel your concern and pain. Although a lot of people see Hawaii Island as a beautiful peaceful place it has become a dangerous place, especially puna where it has attracted a lot of, well to put it blunt, vagrants. I live on the west side of the island, I’m a big man, but I still fear going to Puna/Pahoa and camping or being in an uncontrolled environment in that area. I hope Bo is found alive. Many blessings from a concerned citizen.

  15. Abi Johnson says:

    Bo Johnson is my big brother. He has been missing in Hawaii. The last time his family heard his words were Monday, May 27, 2013. He has a family 11 siblings and two parents who love him dearly and are worried sick that he is missing.
    Bo went to Hawaii in late January of this year looking for a nice long vacation. He soon found himself falling in love with Hawaii. He loved the wonderful people, the awesome food, and the great weather. He also found himself falling in love with a woman. Bo was in love with Brittany Jane Royal. Bo told us that he was bringing Brittany to Alaska to meet the family and spend some time here. Brittany was the first girl that Bo ever felt was special enough to bring home. They arrived in Alaska in late April and shortly learned some news. Brittany and Bo were expecting a baby.
    Bo and Brittany had dreams of buying land in Hawaii and building a life together there. Brittany and Bo wanted to build a home and start an organic farm. He wanted to marry Brittany in the fall and have our whole family come and enjoy ourselves immersed in their joy of family and the happiness that Hawaii brings. (I am going to be graduating high school in a couple years and Bo even offered to let me live with him in Hawaii so it wouldn’t be too expensive so I could go to college there. Bo wanted to give me the opportunity to go to Hawaii and live a happier and healthier lifestyle.) Their ultimate goal was to be happy and healthy in a safe home. With a little one on the way, Bo had quickly got ready to buy land in Hawaii and ready to begin building their dream home and organic farm. He readily sold nearly everything he owned so he could afford buying land in Hawaii. Bo took full responsibility for his unborn child. He spent his time in Alaska with his family, but taking care of Brittany was always his first priority.
    While Bo and Brittany visited in Alaska it was obvious that they loved each other. Bo and Brittany taught me and my younger sister to play ukulele. The four of us had several “jam sessions” where we would play the guitars, mandolin, and ukulele and sing great songs. They made delicious and healthy meals while they were here that consisted, of cooked veggies, rice, and freshly grown sprouts.
    I only knew Brittany for a couple weeks. In that short time I could see how fun and free spirited she was. I will always remember her great personality and lovely singing voice. I deeply saddened for the loss of Brittany and her baby. I cannot imagine what her family is going through.
    I grew up with Bo and I know who he is. He is a good man. He is responsible, caring, and honest. A couple days before Bo and Brittany left to go back to Hawaii, Bo told me this year was turning out to be the best year of his life. He was happy because he was going to live in a wonderful place and have a family. Unfortunately with the death of Brittany and their child, that will not be happening. If Bo is still alive, I am sure he is crushed over the loss of Brittany and their child. Bo would never harm anyone, least of all the woman he loves.
    Bo is still missing. We don’t even know if he is still alive. I love him so much. My family loves Bo and we just hope and want to know that he is alive and well. I miss my big brother.

  16. Mateo says:

    this is not a factual article! police have never said anything to support this article. the only truth here is that he is missing.

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