Published On: Wed, Apr 27th, 2016

Planned Parenthood protesters mocked by Satanist dressed as babies, beaten with whips

photo/ screenshot YouTube coverage

photo/ screenshot YouTube coverage

Pro-life protesters organized to protest Planned Parenthood and were met with a disturbing scene weekend in Michigan as a group of Satanists arrived to counter-protest wearing baby masks, diapers and carrying whips.

 The Satanists marched around, some dressed in masks and diapers to look like babies, while others dressed in black, carried whips and beat the “babies” and yet others mocked priests and nuns.

Citizens for a Pro-Life Society organized the rally as part of a larger #ProtestPP movement to expose the abortion giant’s deadly trade of aborting unborn babies and trafficking their body parts.

“This says all that needs to be said about Planned Parenthood that Satanists come out to protest against us — and are in league with Planned Parenthood,” said Monica Miller of Citizens for a Pro-Life Society.  “If I was Planned Parenthood was would be horrified to be associated with them in any way.”

The Satanists issued the following statement about the recent counter-protest:

In response to the nationwide Planned Parenthood protest, members of The Satanic Temple of Detroit crashed the event dressed in bondage fetish wear, baby masks and diapers and engaged in group flagellation.  The performers were then painted gold by adoring fetal idolizers. The action was intended to expose fetal idolatry and the perpetuation of fictional, coercive propaganda against the reproductive health organization.

The Satanic Temple (TST) believes that the anti-choice movement’s obsession with, and mischaracterization of the fetus obscures medical reality and a woman’s constitutional right to choice.  Enlarged images of fetuses which are no larger than an inch and the personalization of mindless, senseless human embryos elevates the fetus to the status of a demigod.

The Detroit Satanic Temple is well-known in Michigan for openly challenging pro-lifers’ work.

Some pro-lifers are encouraged by the interaction: “The Satanic Temple feels the need to counter-act pro-life demonstrations. In some ways this is a testimony to the effectiveness of the pro-life cause. They must react to us in our actions that seek to end the injustice of abortion. They recognize our efforts as a threat to legalized abortion and the abortion industry, and this is what motivates the obvious elaborate effort that goes into their street theater—however poorly conceived,” writes Monica Miler for Life Site News.

Citizens for a Pro-Life Society recorded the protest and posted it on YouTube. Watch the video below.

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  1. Tuesday: Learn How to Help Voters in Your County Vote Their Values | Personhood FL says:

    […] Planned Parenthood protesters mocked by Satanist dressed as babies, beaten with whips […]

  2. isochronous says:

    The more accurate term for the “pro-life” crowd is “anti-choice.”

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