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Personal Statement as a Great Chance to Get a Job

The task of job hunting is looming on the horizon of every grad student, bringing some difficulties with personal statement and resume writing. Most students think that these two essential parts of every application are separate pieces of work with different goals. However, it is not true because their main aim is to promote yourself and give you an opportunity to get a job. Therefore, each of them should be composed with a deliberate attention to details and information included in your application. To get your dream position, you need to put your CV through the mill.

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Difference between Personal Statement and Resume Composition

In short, your resume differs from the personal statement because it presents a simple enumeration of achievements and facts related to your professional life. That is why; a more extended description of your professional qualities and abilities is required. Moreover, an employer wants to know what type of person you are. For this reason, applicants write a personal statement, which is an essential part of your application. Let’s have a closer look at the issue.

A resume contains some information about your academic and career achievements. The most vital to be mentioned are as follows:

  • Education, additional coursework, academic awards.
  • Previous work experience in a relevant sphere, even if it was a voluntary job. It would better to add some details that can grab interviewer’s attention instead of dull enumeration of previous positions.
  • Some extra activities that can be useful to mention in connection with the position applied.  Community services, voluntary work, or involvement in some organizations are welcomed.

Writing your personal statement is more complex. Here you should include the following aspects:

  • Several sentences about your individuality are crucial to be stated in your job application. Remember that you have to persuade employers to give the position to you.  
  • Include some extra information that your resume doesn’t contain. For this reason, keep it at hand while composing your personal statement. In this way, you will see what points are disclosed and what else you can write in your paper.
  • Make a kind of a summary of your overall experience that makes you a perfect candidate for a company where you want to work.

In other words, your personal statement gives you a chance to explain by your own words why employers should give the job to you. When you have cited all your awards and diplomas, it is time to accomplish another part of your job application. To arrange the text correctly, look at the following recommendations stated in the next paragraph.  

How to Compose Impressive Personal Statement

When you hear the word “impress”, it comes to your mind that the best way to do it is to use a certain set of epithets, adjectives, or phrases such as “creative,” “passionate,” and enthusiastic.” It seems that they express what an employer wants to see in your CV. However, most HR managers are sick and tired of these dull and clichéd words. Long time ago, these clichés might have demonstrated applicants’ broad-mindedness, knowledge, and proficiency, but they are irrelevant today and are perceived as a sign of the mediocrity. Hence, the first and the most important piece of advice is to avoid buzzwords and be straightforward and open while presenting your ideas.

It is also important to be able to put things into perspective and arrange your paper properly. For this reason, we have provided you with several questions helping to determine the format of your future work. They are as follows:

  1. Why are you interested in the position? This is the question to be answered in your opening lines.
  2. What qualities do you have to suit this job? Explain only the most relevant abilities here.
  3. What previous jobs or training do you have? Remember to mention only necessary experience.
  4. Have you ever taken part in some activities exposing your abilities?
  5. What is special about you? Describe your professional skills to be considered a perfect candidate for a position.

By answering these questions, you determine the main structure of a paper. Divide it into separate paragraphs and be sure to state ideas clearly and concisely. Avoid wordy phrases because no HR manager will read a boring and complicated description of someone’s talents. As soon as your personal statement is ready, your application can be sent to a company; and if you follow all our recommendations, your dream job will be guaranteed to you.

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