Published On: Thu, Apr 5th, 2018

Pedestrians involved in car accidents: advisable actions in 2018

Car accidents happen every day, as much as road rules and driving regulations are becoming stricter, as well as tests more rigorous. Although an accident between two cars that involves no victims is not something drivers actually stress too much about (considering insurance usually covers everything), when a situation of this kind affects a pedestrian as well, things become a bit more complicated. If you have recently been subjected to a car accident, as a pedestrian, or you simply want to inform yourself on the topic in the eventuality of such an incident occurring, knowing about the recommended actions to take in 2018 could make a significant difference. The details should be carefully taken into account:

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Accident statistics

Pedestrians left injured after road accidents increase in number as the traffic becomes more intensified, with numerous fatalities. Only in California alone 75 people were killed in 2015, and the number grew to 131 in 2017. Besides fatal incidents, the number of injuries occurring in the area of Los Angles was also an alarming one over the last few years. The likelihood of being her by a car, as a pedestrian or cyclist is quite worrying, in 2017 the number of injuries increasing by 25 percent than the previous year. Injuries, ranging from less severe to highly serious ones have lead to an estimate of 500,000 only in Los Angeles, so things are certainly a bit out of control when it comes to traffic. Being aware of a few statistics will allow you to understand the dangers you can be subjected to and to comprehend how important it is to be prepared for a situation of this kind.   

Immediately after an accident – Make sure to keep the driver there

As soon as you have been hit by a vehicle, as long as you are still conscious, and able to move, it’s important to ensure yourself that the driver responsible for the scenario does not leave the accident scene. Because in some cases, the culprit might tend to seek an immediate escape gate, being vigilant is recommended. If the situation transforms itself into a hit and run, which is possible, make sure to get the license plate number and registration of the vehicle.

Call the police

Regardless of how insignificant the entire accident might seem, it’s important to call the police and get a statement from them. Even if you might seem to be left unharmed, considering you may be dealing with a high level of adrenaline, you may not even realize the physical impact the car has caused you. Calling 911 is recommended regardless of accident scenario, if you analyze the statistics, and research the topic for a bit, you will conclude for yourself that it’s better to have legal enforcement at your disposal, just to be sure the driver will not try to cover their tracks or diminish the severity of the entire accident.

Gather evidence

As the number of accidents involving pedestrian and cyclists increases with each passing year, the process of making an injury claim hardens as well, so the more proof of your innocence as well as level of injury severity you have, the easier it will be for you to actually access the compensations you are entitled to. If you are able to or have someone who can help you out in this department, gather evidence. That includes photos of the accident scene, statements from witnesses, police reports and so on. To build a stronger case, and to prove the guilt of the culprit and how the entire scenario developed, having actual proof, written and visual one, will be of tremendous help. Even if you will hire a Los Angeles car accident attorney, they will still need to use clear evidence in order to support you in making a claim that will actually be taken into consideration.

Call a lawyer

Because you will need to fill in and file a lot of pipework, as well as take certain steps, it’s best to collaborate with a specialist. In 2108 making an insurance claim as a pedestrian has become a complex process, the details you need to be aware of varying from case to case. With the advice and support of a legal expert, you will be able to focus on your injury recovery instead of dealing with legal procedures and insurance companies that may be less reasonable to communicate and reach a settlement. Hire someone with experience, and expertise, a lawyer that is characterized by trustworthiness and reliability. The options you have are plenty.

Never settle for less

Regardless of situation, if you or your lawyer conclude that you are entitled to certain compensations, you should never settle for less. In the majority of situations, victims are usually not offered the amount of money they might have initially claimed, due to unreliable insurance companies that try to reduce the severity of the accident as much as possible. Even if taken further means of actions might take more time and patience, if you believe you have not been reasonably compensated for your injuries, don’t leave the situation as it is, and simply consider taking your case to court. Because settlements are not always possible, legal experts advise pedestrians to take into account the possibility of a court attending, and in 2018 it seems like things have become easier for car accident victims, with shorter hearings and court processes.

Being subjected to a personal injury triggered by a car accident, while you were not at fault, is certainly the type of experience that can bring various unpleasant repercussions. However, despite the negative nature of such an incident, you should be well aware of your rights in that situation, and act accordingly, in order to be compensated for your sufferings. The few steps mentioned above should be taken into consideration by anyone confronted with a case of this kind, so make sure to analyze them properly and make use of each one.

Author: Cynthia Madison

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