Published On: Thu, Jan 31st, 2013

Parents of Kendrick Johnson still seeking answers, police and school offering no answers

The bizarre death of Kendrick Johnson, a healthy teenage high school football, continues to baffle those who hear the story, but even more confusing is the fact that the school and police seemed to have abandoned the investigation.

Kendrick Johnson facebook photo

Kendrick Johnson facebook photo

Kenneth and Jackie Johnson spoke on The Michael Baisden Show to discuss the death of their son, the failures of the school and local authorities.

“They saw he was reaching for his shoe or his headphones and fell into the mats, fell and he got stuck and he couldn’t get out,” Kenneth Johnson says is the latest theory from the police. “It doesn’t make sense to anyone,” the frustrated father continued.

The sophomore was found dead inside wrestling mats at the school, trapped, possibly rolled up inside, but the theory that he fell into these mats is the accepted theory by the authorities.

Mr. Johnson is really concerned that the autopsy hasn’t been completed and yet they announced that there is “no foul play.”

“We want justice for our son,” the man added. “That’s the main thing right now….Our son is gone, he’s not coming back. We got thousands of other kids at that school” and someone (may be) on the loose, Mr. Johnson believe this to be the case.

Analyzing the theory of this young, vibrant athlete getting wrapped up in a mat, on his own, and suffocating is an “apalling” theory says Jackie Johnson.

The Johnsons continue to call out authorities for “justice” and reveal “what’s going on.”

Initial reports to The Global Dispatch was that law enforcement officers have not ruled out homicide as the cause of death, but now they are offering no clear updates in this case.

Photo: Kendrick Johnson Facebook tribute page


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  1. Kendrick Johnson shocker: Teen’s body was stuffed with newspapers and buried after ‘autopsy’ without organs or the skull - The Global Dispatch says:

    […] The shocking story continues as the death of Kendrick Johnson, only 17, still haunts the authorities of Valdosta, Georgia and leaves a family still seeking answers. […]

  2. Justice says:

    Small town…a lot of lies…cover ups and hush mouths. this young man couldn’t have rolled himself..and if he was seen reaching why wasn’t he seen falling…and why was he the only one in the gym…this family need a lot of questions answered. But until you get your closure and justice i pray for you and your family. no one deserves to go through anything like this..

  3. Khid says:

    i honestly think this is all a lie because for one how do you get stuck in a mat and rolled up. the mat can not roll it self i think somebody at the school had something to do with it.

  4. Will says:

    This young mans death sounds like a prank that went wrong . I was a wrestler in high school and getting rolled up inside the mat was a technique commonly used to lose weight . Depending on the size of the cloth , and if it was put at end of the mat his head was facing , his air was cut off . It’s very obvious that he could NOT have put it there himself .

  5. Your Name... says:

    This is a lie law

  6. Kendrick Johnson, Georgia football player, found dead in gym, rolled up in wrestling mat - The Global Dispatch says:

    […] 31 January, 2013 Breaking News > Hometown […]

    • Keisha says:

      This Just Brings Tears to my eyes …. because No mother or father should have to got through Something Tragic like this …… I Pray they get Justice for Kendrick (KJ)

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