Published On: Sat, Sep 16th, 2017


We are all addicted to our phones to some extent. However, smartphone addiction in teenagers is actually a very real problem distressing many parents.

Some of the important facts about smartphone addiction are:  

  • Phone addicts see the world through their phones and thus their interaction with people and other real life experiences are very limited


  • The first and the last thing that the phone addicts usually do right before they sleep or as soon as they wake up is, check their cell phones. This is not healthy behavior and can lead to many health problems in teenagers including obesity and insomnia. This can be controlled by using Parental Apps


  • Due to the excessive use, an individual feels phantom vibrations, the vibration is a false belief that the phone is ringing. Many teenagers that are addicted to their phone often check their mobile devices even if it is not ringing
  • Most people depend on their smartphones to the extent that it helps them feel normal, healthy and remain away from panic.
  • The smartphone withdrawal can result in symptoms such as insomnia, depression, and anxiety. Parental Apps can be used to limit the use of smartphones.
  • The excessive usage of smartphones produces stress hormone in the brain, which is cardio-toxic. This negatively affects the personal life of phone addicts

Take Control Using Parental App

There are various problems that kids are facing online these days. Some of the main threads are sexting, cyberbullying, screen addiction, exposure to adult content etc. Kids often put themselves in a bad situation and realize it too late. Parents must keep a check on their kid’s online activities. The best way to keep a check without spoiling all of their privacy and fun is to use Parental Apps. Using a parental app such as the FamilyTime app, parents can monitor and control their teenager easily.

  • Parents can keep a record of the call logs, contacts, text messages, and installed apps.
  • Parents can limit your child’s screen time by scheduling screen locks during the meals, studies, night, or holidays.
  • You can block the inappropriate and addictive apps.
  • FamilyTime enables parents to view the frequently visited URLs on their teen’s device along with the date time stamps. By checking their browsing history, parents can stop kids from watching adult content on the web
  • Since phone addiction leads to several more problems, you can simply limit your child’s screen use by scheduling an auto screen lock on their device.
  • Parents can lock their child’ device anytime they want just with a single swipe.

And this does not bring the list of FamilyTime features to an end. There are several more features that the FamilyTime app provides. You can explore the all by giving this app a try for free.

Author: Amanda Walker

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  1. Linda says:

    Parents really need to keep an eye on their children’s usage and what they do on the phone. So many harmful sites they can reach, it’s scary!I use Kidslox too, as I can block inappropriate sites with the help of this app. My kid can use the phone at the set time and I would not worry that he can find some “bad” things as I put the restrictions on his mobile phone. Kidslox works very well for our family.

  2. James says:

    Parental Control Apps are really great. I use one as well. They like an answer to the complex screen time challenge. There was a time when my kid spent to much time using his tablet. It was hard to explain him something. One of my friends suggested me installing Kidslox. I was rather a skeptic but in vain. The app trained my kid. No, he accustomed to the time schedule which I set for him. Now, we have time for home tasks and for online games. He knows that when his device is blocked, he has to do some other things. No arguments anymore.

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