Published On: Wed, Feb 19th, 2014

Ohio man, Brian Miller, dies at the hospital, describes heaven as he wakes up 45 minutes later

What is heaven like?

Brian Miller, an Ohio man, claims to have gotten a glimpse after suffering a major heart attack and went into a deadly arrhythmia.

“He had no heart rate, he had no blood pressure, he had no pulse, I mean think about that,” nurse Emily Bishop told WJW-TV.

Miller describes the light he saw, “a heavenly tunnel” and meeting his decreased mother and father-in-law, WJW-TV reported.

“The only thing I remember, I started seeing a light and started walking towards the light,” he said before detailing seeing hismother-in-law.

“She was the most beautiful thing when I seen her. It was like the first day I met her. And looked so happy,” Miller said. “She grabbed a hold of my arm and she told me, ‘It’s not your time, you don’t need to be here … you’ve got things to go down and do.”

Hospital staffers were working to get Miller’s heart moving again, shocking him four times – his body wasn’t responding. Then, Bishop said Miller’s pulse started moving again on its own.

“His brain had no oxygen for 45 minutes, so the fact that he is up walking, talking, everything — I mean that’s amazing,” the nurse told WJW-TV.

Miller said the experience has changed his views on life after death.

“There is an afterlife and people need to believe in it big time,” he explained.



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