Published On: Fri, May 23rd, 2014

Noah Emmerich talks ‘The Americans’ season 2, Stan and Nina as well as the Paige twist

After an explosive finale to FX’s hit Cold War drama The Americans, star Noah Emmerich reflected on the season 2 conclusion, his character and what lies ahead for Stan and Nina (Annet Mahendru).

“My first response to reading it was at first shock and then ‘Well, this can’t really be happening.’ There’s got to be something that Stan has up his sleeve,” Emmerich begins in the NY Post interview.

“I wasn’t surprised in the sense that I didn’t think Stan would betray his country on such a deep level for Nina’s sake. I do think at heart he’s a patriot whose job comes first whatever the cost may be personally.”

Looking ahead to season 3, Emmerich says “I’d like to see him outsmart everybody and do his job and save Nina’s life and at least blunt the efforts of the Soviets in the country. Obviously if he catches Philip and Elizabeth we have a major problem with the show continuing. So that’s one of the tricky balances. You want Stan to be competent and intelligent and effective in his job, but obviously he can’t be too effective or the show ends.”

Noah addresses the plot twist that the KGB were interested in recruiting Paige, the teenage daughter of the main characters.

“I thought it was really exciting. It opens up all kinds of possibilities and interesting circumstances, certainly for Keri and Matthew’s world. I wasn’t anticipating it, but in hindsight it seemed like of course they’re going to turn to the children, it makes so much sense.”

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