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Nine Basic Ideas to Get Started With SEO

When you have a business with a website, you should utilize Search Engine Optimization, which helps you get your website as high up in search engine rankings as possible to garner more views and continue to grow as a company. You can opt to hire an SEO company to do the job for you, but I also recommend that you get started with SEO yourself to understand how it works and to contribute in the growth of your website.

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To help you out, I show you the nine basic ideas to get started with SEO.

Nine Basic Ideas to Get Started With SEO

  1. On-Site SEO

When building a website, you shouldn’t only focus on the types of words you put into it, but its design and what falls behind it. Make sure that you have the best foundation for your website, which should include sitemaps, proper URL structure, server response codes, a unique text content, as well as bot accessibility and internal link architecture to make it more searchable. For those who aren’t familiar with these terms, have your website checked by a web developer to evaluate it and see if it needs improvement or is good to go.


  1. Website Content

Your website content must be unique, as duplicates or unwanted content would hold you back. Ensure that you avoid ranking for ALL suburbs or cities in a state. Also, do not create unnecessary pages, deleting those that hardly get any traffic.


  1. Title Tags

Your title tag is a keyword that needs to be noticed when on the search engines, so be sure to create a title tag that puts focus on products that add more revenue to your website. For local business, I recommend you to put the city name on your website’s title tag to improve its rank in the local market.


  1. Backlinks

A backlink is another link that would point back to your site. You can get hyperlinks through contributing to other websites or having media outlets pitch for you, with them adding your links to their websites.


  1. Digital Press Releases

Besides backlinks, getting good traffic to your website and better SEO is through pitching your ideas and offering expertise and information (based on your niche and business) to other websites. Advertise yourself, and they may list you as partners or have clients post testimonials of your business from their website.


  1. Local SEO

For local businesses, ensure that all your information is consistent and up to date. You must have updated services and products, as well as a contact page that is active.


  1. Monitor Succes

Always monitor your website’s traffic and success to ensure that the SEO is going well and you have more traffic that helps you and your business grow. If not, find out what needs to be improved.


  1. Continue Marketing

And of course, to keep your website on the top of the ranks, you must always continue to keep it updated with stellar topics and to promote your websites to drive traffic. This means sharing it to social networking websites and the like for more views and clicks.


  1. Keywords

Keywords are one of the crucial parts of SEO. You need to be aware of the types of keywords you put in, as this is what people would usually be searching when using search engine websites. You should add it in every part of your website, such as the titles, in your article content, URL, or even image names (title tag and page headers are the most critical spots!). These keywords are like search terms, so what words would usually be used for people searching for that particular subject or product?


But also remember to avoid adding too many keywords, as this can have you look like a spammer and search engines ignore your website.


In Conclusion

Learning about SEO can seem daunting at first, but just like learning about mathematics as a child, you’ll be able to become more informed and garner more information and ideas on how it works, solving the problems yourself.

I hope that these nine basic ideas to get started with SEO helped you out. So don’t wait any longer and utilize the information you learned about to help your company grow today.

For those who have questions or would like to recommend a good SEO company to help other businesses grow, then comment down below. I would love to hear what you have to think.

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