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Nick Jones Jr talks ‘Weather Wars,’ comic books, Ethan Van Sciver and Tony the Tiger

Nick Jones Jr, a talented young actor, spoke to DOB before the release of “Battle: Los Angeles” (Check out the interview here) and his part in “Green Lantern”. Now we get another chance to catch up with Jones as his next big project “Weather Wars” comes to SyFy on October 1st. UPDATE: Nick emailed me that the producer confirmed the debut of “Weather Wars” to be November 26 – BBJ

NICK JONES: That’s fine, it was a little disappointing at first but when I took a step back to see the big picture I was reminded how blessed I am to be where I am today. I remember dressing as Tony the Tiger when I first jumped into acting so I understand that this is an uphill grind. I’m prepared for that and I welcome the challenge. One of my favorite quotes is from Barack Obama, “I never expected to be here. I always knew this journey was improbable. I’ve never been on a journey that wasn’t.” What I get most from that quote is to always stay positive and to also know what you’re getting yourself into. I think working on those two particular projects helped me most with my professionalism. I need to be able to hold my own with actors I grew up watching and admiring. Something I thought I couldn’t do at first because I’m a fan at heart. It’s hard not to nerd out at times. Now I have that comfort level and confidence. The more I do in this business the more it will help me to create my own presence and that’s a major key to success.

BBJ: Any word whether we’ll see Nick Jones Jr as John Stewart on the “Green Lantern” DVD, a deleted scene perhaps.

NICK: I’m a huge fan of Easter eggs and I know this film originally planned a bunch of them. Hopefully they all make it into the Director’s cut.

BBJ: Let’s look ahead to SyFy’s “Weather Wars”. You play an FBI Agent alongside Jason London, Wes Brown, Erin Cahill and Stacy Keach. How do you see this project shaping up?

NICK: It’s going to be good! Don’t sleep on it. I’ve seen a few clips of the film and it really turned out better than I could have imagined. The acting is on point, the special effects are good, and my scene isn’t cut! (laughs out loud) What more can you ask for?! I’m going out on a limb to say it will be the best film to air on SyFy this year, period.

BBJ: Was there any difference working on this project compared to the two Hollywood blockbusters?

NICK: Lower budget films are kind of like private schools. Everyone knows everyone by name. From the key grip to the producer, it feels like one big family on set. No stress, just fun. I loved it. Our producer Daniel Lewis really took care of us. Not to take anything away from the bigger budget films but there is always so much going on. The demands on a multi-million dollar project like a Green Lantern can be stressful and just like any work environment, that stress rolls down hill.

BBJ: Now we have to add “voice over” work to your ever growing resume. “Miami Magma” is another project you have in the hopper, so give me an update on that if you can.

NICK: It felt kind of weird at first, providing voices for other people but once I settled in and mastered the three beep sync method I was good. Remember the movie Volcano that dropped in ’97 with Tommy Lee Jones about a volcano erupting in downtown L.A.? Well, what would happen if that scenario took place in Miami? That’s what this film explores.

BBJ: I was pleasantly surprised to discover that you’ve been working on writing comic books now. Tell me more about what you have up your sleeve and working with artist Don Kramer (Wonder Woman).

NICK: We do have something up our sleeve that we believe the masses will like. That’s all I can reveal on that particular project. I’m also working on an independent title with Tom Feister (G.I. Joe cover artist), Chip Wallace (D.C. and Marvel comics inker), Patrick Giles, and Deborah Novarini. I’m trying to recruit Kody Chamberlain (Sweets artist & writer) for the project as well. I might have to take him out to dinner or something to convince him though. He can be a tough cookie. I’m hoping Rob Guillory can help me tame the beast. The project is a story about revenge and its going to be epic! I can’t wait to show you guys. I have to shout out Studio Revolver for my man Tom. Those guys are cool people.

Nick Jones Jr with ‘Brother’ Ethan Van Sciver

BBJ: You have a great friendship with Ethan Van Sciver, so maybe we can tear him away from DC for a few minutes to illustrate your ideas.

NICK: Ethan is like a brother to me. I’m actually an official member of the family. I’m known by Nick Van Sciver in their household. His wife Sharis and son Hunter are the best. I still owe the little guy an air soft gun war. I’m a Marine and I think he knows more about weapons and ammunition than I do and he’s only 13! It’s going to be tough getting Ethan away from his work but I’m pretty sure if I shoot up some smoke signals he’ll come to my aid.

BBJ: So I cant let you of the hook from your earlier comment – you dressed like Tony the Tiger? You have to explain.

Nick: (laughs) Haha, when I was first trying to find my way into the industry I did some promo work. My first gig was dressing up as Tony the Tiger at the grand re-opening of a Wal-Mart. What makes it so funny is the fact Jamie Foxx did a skit on his show once that had him dressing as a chicken at a birthday party when he was trying to make it as well. I believe humble beginnings can take a man far. Whenever I think times are hard I look back at where I began. It keeps me motivated. In my world I’ve come a long way.

Nick Jones Jr as Tony the Tiger

Please check out Nick on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/nickjonesHCC

Nick Jones Jr on “Weather Wars” set

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