Published On: Tue, Nov 1st, 2016

New Polls: Donald Trump leading in Florida, Marco Rubio pulling away from Patrick Murphy

A couple of new polls, which don’t even reflect the news of the FBI’s investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails and those found on Anthony Weiner’s computer, both show Donald Trump leading Hillary Clinton amongst likely Florida voters and Marco Rubio pulling away from contender Patrick Murphy for the U.S. Senate seat.

The NY Times/Sienna Poll has Trump at 46% over Clinton’s 42% with none of the candidates even posting 4%. Head-to-head, without the other candidates, Trump holds steady with a 3-point lead, 48-45%. Rubio leads Murphy 51-42% in this poll.

The poll skews to the older voters, with 27% of those questioned were age 50-64 and 31% older than 65, a surprising majority, cementing Trump’s apparent appeal to Florida’s seniors. Also noteworthy is women polled outnumbered the men, 54-46%, an area Clinton would likely do well.

photo/ donkey hotey

photo/ donkey hotey

In similar fashion and timing is the Remington Research Axion poll which has Trump leading 48-44%. Women are leaning Clinton is this poll 49-44% but Trump is again doing well with the elderly, leading the 70 and older voter block 54-40%.

Florida Hispanic voters were rumored and believed to backing Clinton, but this poll shows her lead down to 11 points, 53-42%.

Again, this poll leaned female with 55% of those surveyed women. The heaviest age group asked was 50-69: 40% – a bracket Clinton led 51-43%, showing how poorly she is doing with other age groups.

NYT/SIENNA Full data HERE, 814 likely voters +/- 3%, conducted October 25-27

AXIOM Full data HERE 989 likely voters +/- 3.11% conducted Sunday, October 30

When looking at the data, this is what Global Dispatch’s Brandon Jones believes: “We are seeing Florida shift away from Clinton even before the news broke of the FBI investigation. Both polls show a strong survey of women and Hispanics, yet Trump came out on top. If we look at the strong numbers for Rubio, then we may be seeing the confirmation of Florida going red and delivering a big victory for Trump.”

“I find the data on senios surprising,” he added as a follow-up. “The Democrats use attacks ads and fear tactics to appeal to the elderly, but that doesn’t appear to have taken root in Florida. The one poll was in fact very heavy biased to the West Palm, Miami Dade areas, so for Trump to see such strong numbers has to be viewed as a big win for the campaign.”

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photo donkeyhotey [email protected]

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