Published On: Sat, May 9th, 2015

New Developments Expanding the Reach of Plastic Surgery

“Natural beauty” has been taking its licks lately, the idea that artificial inherently means worse now quickly becoming a relic of bygone years. This revolution of the beauty ideal has taken full form in the nation of Brazil, where plastic surgery has become a full-fledged mega industry. It is estimated that Americans spend around $13 billion a year in plastic surgery. In Brazil, a country with not nearly as many people as the United States, it is estimated that they spend around the same amount.

Indeed, there is nothing taboo about facial and body reconstruction in Brazil where its celebrities freely and proudly discuss their tummy tucks and breast implants and butt injections, respectively, and magazines glorifying plastic surgery rest upon newspapers stands nationwide. It is no wonder that this phenomenon has reached a peak in Brazil where the body is king, everyone’s forms on display on the most popular beaches. These developments are, pardon the pun, changing the face of plastic surgery as we know it. Now, new innovations in the practice are being introduced for better, more subtle results and less invasive procedures.

Surgical instruments Image/defenseimagery.mil.

Surgical instruments

For instance, the traditional facelift has ceded ground to the so-called “threadlift.” In this procedure, a small incision is made around the temple and the plastic surgeon implants a link of threads that works to tighten one’s loose skin. This is surgery that only takes an hour. There is also “liposelection,” which differs from liposuction in using ultrasound to reshape hips, butts and knees to remove unwanted fat. Unlike liposuction, this procedure causes little bruising and swelling.

Silicone gel-filled breast implants Image/FDA

Silicone gel-filled breast implants

Moreover, there are innovative designs to breast surgery, including the “internal bra,” which aims to improve the look of the breasts with minimal scarring. For this, a tiny layer of gauze is implanted underneath the skin to lift the breast as if one was wearing a bra at all times. The brains behind plastic surgery have also worked to reduce pain in surgeries. The jet peel skin rejuvenation illustrates that ideal as it is a painless sessions of skin rejuvenation that basically pressure washes one’s skin to improve its clarity. Doctor Simon Weight in Australia is at the forefront of these kinds of these innovative new methods.

These are the pioneering techniques in cosmetic surgery that have allowed the practice to be greatly democratized. That is, plastic surgery is no longer strictly in the purview of the wealthy. Clinics can now provide safe surgeries to low income earners as well, which has truly expanded the reach of plastic surgery. An ordinary person with ordinary tastes can walk in for some cosmetic treatment and walk out an hour later, tighter, fresh faced, and more voluptuous than when they arrived.

This, of course, will raise fears that many will strive toward a standard of beauty that shouldn’t be idealized because it cannot be reached and maintained naturally. But with the deluge of diet pills and nutrition supplements that are hardly fret over, it seems that expanded cosmetic surgery is merely the next step in people’s heartfelt desire to be able to look in the mirror and appreciate the image staring back at them.

Guest Author: Archie Ward

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    […] of the quickest way to produce an effect such as a loss of face fat is having a surgery. Cosmetic surgeries are however expensive and risky, as they are high chances of something going wrong on or after the […]

  2. Chirurgie esthetique Tunisie says:

    Indeed, cosmetic surgery is increasingly requested and desired by women and men with low incomes, and new less invasive procedures have an ideal solution for those who can not undergo major plastic surgery.

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