Published On: Wed, Jan 3rd, 2018

New ‘Blackish’ episode teaches racist ‘white guilt’: ‘White women will buy that like Oprah’s selling it’

Racism at ABC? How could Disney allow this?

The divisive “joke” came during the new episode of ABC’s sitcom Blackish, titled “Working Girl,” when the eight-year-old twins Jack (Miles Brown) and Diane (Marsai Martin) are told by their grandma (Tracee Ellis Ross) to play the race card against their white teacher.

Newsbusters summarizes the setup:

While Jack and Diane’s mother Rainbow (Tracee Ellis Ross) was on maternity leave, she was doing their math homework for them. This episode finds her going back to work, though, and the twins have a test coming up. They go to their grandmother for help, since they don’t know anything that’s being covered on the test, but she doesn’t know, either. However, she has a solution for them.

The kids go to a private school that has mostly white students and faculty. She confirms with the kids that their teacher is white, then tells them, “Before she hands you that test just look in the newspaper, find a tragedy that happened to a black person, and say, ‘That happened to my cousin.’ Yeah. White women will buy that like Oprah’s selling it.

Check out the clip below.

The episode moves on and Diane tells their teacher, “Our cousin was fatally struck by gunfire last night while visiting friends on the 1400 block of Southwestern Avenue,” to which the teacher replies, “The hood is so cruel.”

The kids are excused from the test, all homework for the rest of the week as well, but their brother Junior (Marcus Scribner) is not happy about it.

Jack: Thanks to you, we never have to do schoolwork again!
Diane: Yeah. We just have to prey on white guilt, and that is a well that will never run dry. 
Junior: You cheated? As a member of the Honor Committee, I am obligated to tell the school.
Jack: No, you’re not. I’m gonna call my faculty mentor.
Ruby: Junior! Junior? Oh, come on, now. Don’t narc on the babies. Look, the way I see it, the system’s already stacked up against us, right? So sometimes we have to bend the rules a little just to get a fair shake.

Racism is met with racism and more racism – just shocking.

When the kids ignorantly try the stunt on a black substitute teacher, they get busted. Their parents ultimately punish them for one week for lying, and another week for doing it so poorly they got caught.

Funny, right?


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