Published On: Fri, Dec 14th, 2012

Nancy Lanza, gunman’s mother, was target in Connecticut school shooting, Peter Lanza is alive

Adam Lanza traveled to Sandy Hook Elementary School after murdering his mother Nancy, age 52, who was reported to be a kindergarten teacher there but is not – Update here.

UPDATE: A correction – Some authorities reported that Peter Lanza was one of the bodies discovered, that is INCORRECT. Peter Lanza is NOT dead.

Dawn Hochsprung, right, was shot and possibly killed in an attack by two gunmen on a Connecticut elementary school Friday morning

Dawn Hochsprung, right, was shot and killed in an attack by two gunmen on a Connecticut elementary school Friday morning

Lanza left 26 total dead, 20 were children.

Lanza turned a gun on himself and his body was found in that kindergarten room.

There were two dead bodies at the home of his mother, one being Nancy Lanza.

His father, Peter Lanza has also been found dead.

A MORE RECENT UPDATE on the story, the Lanza family and some clarifications – click here

The principal of the school, Dawn Hochsprung and one member of the administration have been identified as part of the deceased.




Adam Lanza, the 20-year-old shooter of Sandy Hook Elementary

Adam Lanza, the 20-year-old shooter of Sandy Hook Elementary



Nancy Lanza

Nancy Lanza

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  1. Sandy Hook: Pot Holes in the Story | Real Questions Now says:

    […] why did he wear a black mask to hide his face? And how was Peter Lanza, the father of Adam, reportedly found dead in New York City within hours of the shooting but was later found alive? […]

  2. Meagan says:

    I know you were simply attempting to keep your readers up to date on the situation which occurred at Sandy Hook Elementary, but you should try to have your information confirmed as accurate before you publish it, or at least offer an accurate update somewhere in the story. This entire article is inaccurate, even mistaking Ryan Lanza for his brother, the actual gunman, Adam Lanza. In addition, there was only one shooter, Nancy Lanza (and only her) was killed at her home, and she wasn’t the target at the school, the children were. Also, and I haven’t seen this even reported anywhere else, Peter Lanza (who clearly did not live with his son) is not dead. He issued a statement on Sunday, wishing his condolences to the families of the victims. I fully realize that people, myself included, want to be kept up to date as these events unfold, and information is released (though I don’t support any media that assists in making Adam Lanza into some sort of celebrity by focusing on him instead of the victims), but what’s the point of publishing a story that’s 99% inaccurate, instead of perhaps at least attempting to verify some of your info? If this isn’t possible, as I understand it isn’t always, shouldn’t an update (or a link to an update) be provided somewhere in the story? Especially with these sorts of stories which don’t really offer any new info on the school shooting (which is what most people were waiting to hear about), but focus almost entirely on the gunman, including wild guesses regarding his motivations.

  3. Nancy Cameron says:

    There are so many errors in this story – isn’t it about time you pulled it?

  4. Florida police officers face charges for illegally selling guns over internet | Florida News Feed says:

    […] indictment was served on the same day as the horrific Connecticut shooting and just a few days before Florida is expected to issue its one-millionth concealed weapons permit. […]

  5. Nancy says:

    Idiot that wrote this piece of garbage with all the wrong facts

  6. John says:


    What the f*** is wrong with you Americans and your country?? When the hell are you stupid people going to change your gun laws??

    Are you finally going to do something? Probably not? Your country is real sad when it comes to guns. No other country in the world has the same problem, you people need to CHANGE? WOW

    Peirs Morgan was right on a show a few days ago your country is out of control…

    Totally sick and disgusting.. You’re a sad country.. SICK

    John – Canada

    • Brian says:

      You are so right. I could not agree with you more. I don’t understand this country and guns. I never have and never will. How many more people (and now 5 and 6 year old babies) must be massacred until we make gun control legislation our #1 priority. It is getting to the point where these things happen once per month but now the scope of these shootings has reached into new realms (movie theater, elementary school). Stop the fucking madness!

  7. Wordgirl says:

    Hi, Brandon,
    Have you had a chance to update your article on the shooting? The information was flawed this morning, but I think it’s now cleared up.
    I thought you might want to edit your article since these things stay in cyberworld forever.

  8. sherrie says:

    From the big networks to the Patch, this was a mess, full of wrong info


  9. Ray says:

    Nothing was accurate from the authorities on this case. CNN< ABC, NBC, even AP - did you run to their message boards to call them hacks. Hang in there Brandon, you did a great job reporting the facts that were passed along. It's a sad, sad situation and it was made worse by the mixup over the boys and the reports that the Dad was one of the dead bodies. Pray for these families, what a horrible situation

  10. Your Name... says:

    You have none of this right. His father works at GE and was at work all day, Ryan did not shot anyone, he was at work all day. It was his younger brother Adam. You need to remove this article as your facts are all wrong.

  11. Dave says:

    Thanks for the Update Brandon, way to break this.

  12. Your Name... says:

    Wow, She is such a beautiful woman, its inexplicable how someone could do such a horrible thing. My heart, prayers and condolences to the victims their families and all who were effected. this truly is a day of infamy.

  13. Bill says:

    All of your facts are completely wrong. His father is still alive. His mother was killed at home. And you even have the wrong suspect. How about some fact checking rather than just reporting what you see/hear as rumors?

  14. Michael Johnson says:

    Brandon Jones is a hack. I can’t believe the level of incompetence. Ryan Lanza was not the shooter. Adam Lanza was. Peter Lanza is alive in Stamford, CT. He was not killed. Jones, give it up. You are a sad miseralble failure.

  15. joshbodem says:

    Poor and unresearched reporting.

  16. Your Name... says:

    this is FALSE the father is alive

  17. commun5 says:

    This story is inaccurate. Peter Lanza, the father, was not found dead. He lives in Stamford, Connecticut and was visited by the police today.

  18. SNH says:

    you might want to check your facts. Cuz no. No. No.

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