Published On: Mon, Apr 22nd, 2013

MSNBC host Melissa Harris Perry says Boston bombers’ Islamic faith ‘irrelevant,’ comparing it to Ben Affleck movies

MSNBC host Melissa Harris Perry says Boston bombers’ Islami

Seemingly ignoring FBI-confirmed evidence that at least one of the suspected Boston bombers was a likely follower of radical Islam, MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry this weekend stated that the alleged terrorists’ Muslim faith is currently “irrelevant” in the investigation into the attack.

Tamarlan Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's Islamic faith is 'irrelevant' says one MSNBC host

Tamarlan Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s Islamic faith is ‘irrelevant’ says one MSNBC host

Harris-Perry, the Tsarnaev brothers’ faith right now is about as relevant to the investigation as Ben Affleck movies that depict violence in Boston.

“We don’t really know,” said Harris-Perry, throwing her hands up about the discussion into the Tsarnaev’s motives. “The younger brother, he’s getting all kinds of tweets from his friends. I think part of the answer is that it’s still an open question.”

“They don’t have the privilege of being anonymous – ‘they,’ speaking of people of color or other minorities – we don’t know yet, but we fill in the blanks,” said Georgetown University Professor Michael Eric Dyson. “We fill in the blanks with what makes us feel the most comfortable that this was an exceptional, extraordinary case that happened because they are this.”

“I keep wondering: is it possible that there would ever be a discussion like, ‘oh, this is because of Ben Affleck and the connection between Boston and movies about violence?’” Harris-Perry asked. “And, of course, the answer is ‘no.’”

“Given that they’re Chechen, given that they are literally Caucasian, our very sense of connection to them is this framed up notion of, like, Islam making them into something that is non-[unintelligible],” Harris-Perry continued.

“The point is that it’s important to say, ‘that is not us,” Dyson agreed. “We want to demonize the other. We have to distance it from the dominant culture.”

 Harris-Perry made headlines recently when she asserted children not “owned” by the parents and part of the collective, community and common good.


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  1. Pine 4 Better Daze says:

    On 4/22/13, the Veterans Today website has the report, “Boston Massacre Media Diversion” on the website:

  2. Pine 4 Better Daze says:

    Two of the reports on the website Veterans Today re the Boston bombing are:
    “Israeli False-Flaggers Flown in for Boston Shoot-Out?” (4/19/13) on the website—
    “Boston Lockdown, Chechen Blowback & Illuminati Satanists” (4/21/13) on the website–http://www.veteranstoday.com/2013/04/21/boston-lockdown-chechen-blowback-

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