Published On: Mon, Jul 12th, 2010

MovieMikes review of ‘Cyrus’

You may ask what is “Cyrus”? Well, glad you asked because we may have found our sleeper hit of the summer. “Cyrus” is a little quirky comedy which could be this year’s “Juno”. Fox Searchlight needs to release this film wider! In this drought of a summer, films haven’t brought anything new to the table. This film is a little gem that had our audience clapping and laughing throughout the whole film. Besides being funny, the film also had a great heart. If you are looking for something this summer besides the big brain-less blockbusters, you should give this film a chance.

John C. Reilly play John a washed up man who has given up on everything until he meets Molly (Marisa Tomei) at a party. Things move quick for them but Molly seems to be holding something back. John follows her home finds that she has a 21 year old son named, Cyrus (Jonah Hill). Cyrus seems really nice and takes to John but he may have other plans for John that he doesn’t know about yet. When John catches on, he decides to fight back and from there the battle begins.

John C. Reilly just plays himself and is funny as always. John seems to have the washed up role down perfect (see Adult Swim’s “Check it Out with Dr. Steve Brule”). The real show stealer though is Jonah Hill who plays the mommas boy, Cyrus, that doesn’t want to let go. His facial expressions in the film are so great and some almost even cross over into creepy, but still makes you laugh. Marisa Tomei is really sweet and adds the heart to the film. Some of the scenes between Jonah and Marisa border awkward but end up hitting every mark. The dialogue feels so natural with the actors and there must have been some great improv on the set. Jay and Mark Duplass have created a great film that really shows off their skills. Their major accomplishment is with blending this love triangle between John, Molly and Cyrus and bringing the funny out of the weird situation.

Directed by: Jay Duplass & Mark Duplass
Starring: John C. Reilly, Jonah Hill, Marisa Tomei, Catherine Keener
Rated R
Running Time: 92 minutes
Fox Searchlight Pictures

MOVIE MIKESSCORE: 3 out of 4 stars

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By: Mike Gencarelli
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