Published On: Mon, Apr 18th, 2016

Millions of People Are Suffering Due to Undiagnosed Back Pain

Wear and tear on the body is perfectly natural. As we age, the body begins to slowly develop new issues that can make even the simplest of tasks more difficult. While this broader dynamic is common, natural and expected, there are many aspects of modern life that can further exacerbate these issues. Lack of exercise, awkward posture and a predominantly-indoor lifestyle all can contribute to substantial issues in our bones and joints – especially in the back. Millions of people are currently suffering from undiagnosed back pain, and what makes it even worse is that medical professionals are not taking the problem seriously.

An Unseen Issue

Many illnesses and chronic problems manifest in very overt and recognisable ways. This makes it easier for doctors, friends and family to identify the problem, encourage something be done about it and implement the proper healing regimens. Unfortunately, back pain is something that cannot be directly seen. As a result, general practitioners and medical professionals often fail to understand the extent of back pain for countless patients. In addition, many loved ones and friends do not fully grasp the extent of the situation that their friends and family members are experiencing since back pain cannot be seen in a direct way.

photo/ Mjorter via wikimedia

photo/ Mjorter via wikimedia

Lack of Diagnosis Exacerbates the Problem

Due to the fact that millions of people are not receiving the proper diagnoses and treatment that they need to reduce back problems, many are experiencing faster deterioration of vertebrae and nerves in the upper and lower back. In many cases, just a little bit of exercise, rest, proper back supports, select medications and even tools like the spinal back rack from spinalbackrack.com can all be used to treat and potentially correct these problems. Unfortunately, a lack of proper diagnoses all but ensures that back pain sufferers will continue to do harm to themselves and will not possess the needed knowledge for treating or alleviating the symptoms and causes of the pain.

The Problem Is Under-reported

Astonishingly, three out of four people report having some form of back pain that bothers them on a regular or semi-regular basis. Despite these startling statistics, only around one quarter of people have seen a doctor about their pain within the past year. Roughly half of all people suffering from back pain have never seen a doctor about the issue. Even though there is a clear issue with the fact that general practitioners are not adequately addressing these concerns, the extent of the problem is less obvious due to many failing to seek medical help in the first place. This problem not only affects people on a personal level, but it is an economic issue as well: the BBC reports that millions of days’ worth of productivity are lost in the UK every year due to back pain.

If you are suffering from back pain, then it is absolutely critical that you seek medical assistance and assert that there is a problem. Due to the fact that relatively few people seek assistance, you may need to be persistent in finding a solution to what is a very common problem. However, the alternative is permanent damage to the body: you want to avoid this possibility at all costs.

Guest Author: Carol Trehearn

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