Published On: Sat, Feb 23rd, 2013

Michael C Hall vague on future after ‘Dexter’ season 8, may leave TV and talks playing Dexter Morgan

“Dexter” may be ending with season 8, but Michael C. Hall is quiet on his future. While details and confirmation on the end to the Showtime series are unclear, Hall doesn’t seem interested in signing on for another TV show.

After playing a serial killer for nearly decade, Hall joked he might be up for some lighter fare. “Yes, maybe Ashton Kutcher is getting bored,” he quipped in an interview with Metro.

Michael C Hall Dexter season 7 bannerBut Hall’s next project might not be on TV. He recently starred in a film called “Kill Your Darlings,” and while he cautioned that he isn’t “ruling anything out,” he said that “another open-ended commitment that could potentially go five or more years is a little daunting at this point.” Then again, Hall recalled feeling the same way as “Six Feet Under” ended its run on HBO. “And you can see where that got me,” he joked.

As production begins in the eighth season, Hall explains that playing the serial killer and separating the disturbing nature of the character from reality is like changing clothes.

“The act of taking off Dexter’s clothes, putting on my own clothes, getting in my car and driving home helps. If it’s not too late, doing some exercise – breaking a sweat. I think the trickiest thing with Dexter is the fact that he’s always simulating his behaviour and, as actors, that’s what we do anyway. So we probably all have some sort of preoccupation with our relative authenticity or inauthenticity, which makes me wonder how different I am from him. Apart from the fact that I don’t kill people.”

Hall responds to the somewhat disturbing fact that audiences embrace his serial killer so strongly.

“Over the past ten or 15 years, there has been a culture of the anti-hero on television, with pretty significant skeletons in the closet. The audience perhaps likes being given a little more credit than they are accustomed to having, in terms of who they identify with and root for. All dark corners are revealed and people seem to respond to that.”

Check out the full interview here

“Dexter” season 8 begins on June 30, 2013.

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