Published On: Tue, Dec 16th, 2014

Men’s Endocrine Health: Do You Know the Difference Between Low T and ED?

If you are having a discussion about male libido, there is a good chance that erectile dysfunction will probably be mentioned as well as testosterone.

There is of course a common thread as low testosterone (Low T) and erectile dysfunction (ED) are in the same ball park, but should not be confused as one and the same thing.

When you get beyond the stage of asking about ED and questions like, what Is “Low T”? you will discover that there are treatments available for both of these conditions. In the case of Low T, there has been a lot of recent research and issues relating to health risks that you can find out more on.

photo Danielle Catrett White

photo Danielle Catrett White

Confusing signs

Men who are suffering from low testosterone levels may have a medical condition that is known as hypogonadism but the confusion as to what exactly they are suffering from is understandable.

This is because signs and symptoms of Low T are often difficult to distinguish from the normal changes to the body that occur as part of the natural ageing process and some other medical conditions such as ED.

Depression, fatigue, reduced libido and ED are all potential symptoms that you may have Low T, but they could also be something else, so it would be wrong to make an assumption without further diagnosis.

Different conditions

The fundamental difference between Low T and ED is that low testosterone has the ability to affect a man’s interest in sex as well as his ability to perform sexually, whereas ED only affects the sexual performance aspect.

In simple terms, Low T is likely to result in reduced libido but ED is the term specifically used to describe the inability to obtain or maintain an erection. ED can be caused by a variety of underlying conditions such as heart disease, vascular disease and a high cholesterol level in the body.

It is estimated that a maximum of 10% of patients with ED also have Low T, which clearly demonstrates that despite the possibility of suffering from both conditions, they are distinctly separate issues and the vast majority of patients tend to have one or the other and not both.

Physical signs

Low T has the capacity to cause other physical signs and symptoms which can include lean body mass, low bone mineral density and signs of fatigue and depression.

Other symptoms of Low T go beyond a physical response to the condition and the changes in your body composition can be as a result of a decrease in your level of testosterone production. It is quite common for Low T sufferers to feel a lot less energized and therefore abstain from some physical activities that they previously enjoyed on a regular basis.

Addressing and resolving the issues

It is easy to see how Low T and ED can become confused with each other but as they require a different medical approach to resolve, it is important that you see a physician to get an accurate diagnosis before considering any treatment.

Studies have shown a link between Low T treatments and a higher risk of heart disease and complications, so you should definitely check out the natural remedies which include simply having a good diet and body weight and plenty of regular exercise.

Guest Author :

Laurence P. Banville is concerned about the dangers of low T treatments for men. A dedicated lawyer, he likes to help men become more aware by posting his insights online. Look for his interesting articles on a variety of websites and blogs.

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