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Memory foam, latex or polyurethane, which mattress foam should you choose?

The decision to buy a mattress is never an easy one especially if you don’t know what you are looking for. The fact that the mattress you buy now will determine how good you sleep for the next ten to fifteen years can be quite overwhelming. The most important choice however that most people find difficult to make the type of mattress to buy. With the availability of spring, foam and airmattresses, choosing a specific one can be challenging.

While all these three types of mattresses are good, alltheir cores have to be lined with a layerof foam to provide the comfort needed in amattress. The choices for these foam is memory, latex or polyurethane.

Your choice of these three type so that thefoam will be dependent on your comfort needs relative to pressure, your motion transfer sensitive and sense of smell. The choices are many, and the confusion is mind boggling. The only thing that might help you cross the line is the cost factor which sometimes doesn’t also help much. This article, therefore, will help you make a more informed decision on the type of mattress you should ultimately buy for your sleep comfort needs.

Memory foam

Theseare the hottest selling mattresses today.  NASA originally developed the memory foam technology for purposes of alleviating gravitational forces experienced during takeoff and landing. The idea was then bought byTempurPedic to produce the foam for mattressapplications, and since then, foam mattresses have taken over market both in demand and sales.

The best thing with thismattress is its advantage to conform to the body without creating any pressure points. Also, its unique ability to provide straight spinal alignment thanks to the open cell foam that compresses and deflate cells as the body lies down gives you maximum muscle relaxation. What’s more is that this mattress facilitates dampen motion transfer making it an ideal choice for couples who can’t sleep due to the movements of their partners on the other side of the mattress.

While the mattress has quite some benefits, it also has disadvantages that might be a turn-off for many. Its cons include uncontrollable heat, longer break in periods and off-gassing. With the foam being very dense, it tends to cradle your body too much and retains your body heat against you which can be uncomfortable.

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If you can’t stand off-gassing, latex can be a good choice for you. This is actually one of the advantages natural latex has over memory foam. And the reason for this is because of the hypoallergenic nature of latex that makes it resistant to molds, mildew, and bacteria.

A purely natural latex mattress will never off-gas, the sad part is finding 100%natural latex is not easy, and if you are lucky to find one, the price will beat you off.

Another good thing with latex mattresses is that they usually have some spring in them that allows you to turn over in. The motion transfer is more pronounced than in the memory foam mattresses, although less than in polyurethane options. Natural latex mattresses are also more durable than their memory foam counterparts.

Although latex is known to cause adverse allergic reactions due to the animal protein in it, latex mattressesare often manufactured after the latex material has been washed to remove the protein and thus the layer you will be sleeping on will be covered by a fiber material mostly wool or silk. Plus, you will also have a mattress protector and a sheet to cover the mattress which will leave very slim chances for allergic reactions.

However, people with severe allergy to latex are often advised to stay away from latex mattresses as they can cause serious irritations and skin problems.


This is the least expensive foam of all three and is often used in hotel beds and for making furniture cushions. Being a petroleum product, it off-gases pretty badly and the smell can be very hard to contain.

With the insight provided above, I believe you can now choose a mattress that will give you the most quality, comfort, and support.

My advice would be to take your timeand to ensure that you ensure that you shop for comfort and sleep; your life and health depend on it. For more information on memory foam, latex and polyurethane mattresses, visit http://www.thebest-mattress.org/.

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    Love to sleep on memory foam mattress. Anyways thanks for the information to choose the good mattress.

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