Published On: Thu, Jan 24th, 2013

Mehcad Brooks ‘Happy Birthday Baby’ video to celebrate Roe v Wade insults pro-lifers

Some critics are calling Tuesday’s “Happy Birthday, Baby” Roe vs Wade anniversary video the “most outrageous concept for promoting abortion that I’ve ever seen.”

Abortion-Video-happy anniversay babyThe commercial was released Tuesday by the Center for Reproductive Rights in celebration of the 40th year of Roe v. Wade.

The video features Mehcad Brooks of USA Network’s Necessary Roughness and HBO’s True Blood, who is sitting by the fire, holding a rose. In what first appears to be some sort of romantic message about the remembrance of one’s wedding anniversary later obviates to be a presentation in support of abortion.

“To celebrate the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade we didn’t buy a ruby,” the Center for Reproductive Rights writes under the description of the video. “Instead, the Center for Reproductive Rights asked Mehcad Brooks … to prepare a special video message just for you.”

“Oh, hey baby,” Brooks begins, smelling the rose. “What, did you think I forgot? I didn’t forget. How could I ever forget our anniversary?”

“From the casually alluring Let’s-Get-It-On vibe to the watery repetition of the word “Baby” to the way it clearly targets black women, it’s just…awful.”


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  1. John Wing says:

    Sorry Karen, I incorrectly spelled your last name.

  2. John Wing says:

    @ Karen Shepard, you appear to be against abortion yet you don’t want the legislation overturned. ?

    @ Logic 101, you say you imagine it is an incredibly tough decision to make. Why? If the unborn is not a human being, no justification for abortion is needed. Why is that a tough decision? If the unborn is a human being, no justification for is sufficient.

  3. Karen Shepherd says:

    Happy Birthday baby? There’s 55 million who won’t have that option. What a sick tribute.
    And for the young woman who is so proud of him. For what. Nobody is challenging Roe v Wade, it remains the law of the land.
    You must be young and still a useful idiot. You’ve never had an abortion so you speak from no experience. Ask some of the women who have had one, who are now mourning their choice,including Jane Roe, the woman represented in Roe v Wade.
    I don’t want this legislation overturned, but my prayer is that no woman would put herself in the position of having an unwanted pregnancy, and, if she is, would choose an alternative to killing an unborn child.
    And, yes, I am sad to say, I speak from experience.

    • Ron says:

      Just a bit surprised after reading the first part of your post that you’d say “I don’t want this legislation overturned”. WOW Really? And especially speaking from one that is “speaking from experience”. You see this as killing an unborn child yet you still don’t want it overturned. Shocking.

  4. Rhea Luczkowski says:

    Absolutely satanic. Lord, please have mercy on this nation.

  5. steve smith says:

    Disgusting human being.. If your proud of 55 million abortions in this country nologic101, you are a sad human being. I love you peoplke when you call everyone a “hater” who disagrees. Typical liberal tactic.. Young and dumb.

  6. Deborah Nelson says:

    I saw your ad
    Are you kidding me you are celebrating 55 million dead children
    You are a sick man
    Shame on you
    Try a condum they work

  7. logic101 says:

    Good for him!!! 🙂 I am a woman of the younger generation and VERY PROUD of this man. I sincerely thank him for standing up with the women of my generation, to respect the rites of women to make our own decisions about OUR bodies. I’ve never been pregnant, nor had an abortion, and imagine it is an incredibly tough decision to make……but it must, and will continue to be my choice!!!! Not yours!!! HA!!!

    Roe v. Wade will not be overturned! 🙂 As the younger generation becomes increasingly less religious we are not held to the dogmatic hate of the mythological god character, and due to this fact, understand that the moment the sperm touches the egg….it is not a child yet. You’ve lost!!!! 🙂 I’ve always liked this man!!!! 🙂

    • Mark says:

      Logic 101: I’m pro choice but this ad is disgusting and the fact that you are this excited about a pro choice ad sums you up. He is celebrating by a fire with a glass of scotch about 55 million deaths. Who gives a shit about 40 years, it’s going to live on forever so why celebrate in this fashion?

      Secondly, you are proud of him?! On what basis? That he took a job?

    • Dpd says:

      You are sicker than he is…

    • Chris says:

      Here are some things to think about. First, it is the beginning of human life. DNA included. If we found those two same cells on Mars, we would proclaim we had found life. SO, even pro-choice doctors freely admit that this is in fact life. SO the arguement is whether or not life at this point is in fact relevant? So what you are really saying is that life at this point is not relevant. Secondly, because this is in fact life, it is a human rights issue, not a women’s right’s issue. Thirdly, this is the greatest exploitation of woman in the history of mankind. Exploitation because at its core, abortion is a business. Follow the money and you will find at the root of it all, it was about men and then later women making money off of the body of a woman and calling it a right. haha. While it is an arguement that is championed by religious people, there is no need to argue the death of 55 million early humans from a religious point of view. So as you think about the death of a life that you feel is not relevant, I wonder who really is filled with hate and self absorption? As for the “incredibly tough decision” that you describe, if it is that difficult and tough, than why run an ad that appears to be “cheerleading?” Lastly, if your understanding of abortion is based on “the sperm touching the egg” than I think you have a lot to learn concerning what is really happening in these clinics. Remember, Planned Parenthood does everything in its power to keep woman from making an “informed” choice. Why? Because they are counting on people like you clinging to the shallow base arguement that you are presenting. Otherwise, they don’t get paid.

    • 5kidsnadog says:

      I can not imagine that a human being with a heart could watch this video and feel anything but disgust. Do some research and understand that the founder of Planned Parenthood believed in obliterating the black and hispanic races along with the mentally unfit. She would be proud to see that the numbers are overwhelmingly against a black child making it out of his/her mother’s womb. And to see a man celebrate this? And you see goodness in this and hate in the people who weep for the unborn? What have we come to as a nation when evil is called good and good called evil?

      I saw the face of my unborn child in an ultrasound just 10 weeks after (an unplannned) conception. He had his arm up over his head exactly like his brother always did when he was sleeping, and in that moment I knew that he was not only NOT unwanted, but a loved and treasured member of my family. I did not want to be pregnant, but the FACE of my child spoke out to me and made me love him. This is not a religious concept, but a fact of science – these children have arms and legs, faces and brains, beating hearts. To celebrate the RIGHT to dismember them is evil in any sense of the word.

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