Published On: Mon, Apr 8th, 2019

Matthew Robertson of Merritt Island is going places

Matthew Robertson is not like your average 19 year old. He didn’t go to college. He didn’t follow the book. He didn’t do what everyone told him to do. Most 19-year-olds are playing Call of Duty in their free time, while Matthew has been working on his business, making money.

photo TheAndrasBarta Pixabay

Robertson barely graduated high school with a 2.1 GPA. “I didn’t care about high school classes at all….I did the bare minimum to pass because what they teach is pointless, I don’t need any of that s***. I know how s*** really works.”

Shortly after graduating high school Robertson picked up a few books from his local library on photography and business and began studying relentlessly.

“We would just always see him studying and studying all day everyday just about except for when he’d hang out with his girlfriend, friends, or go to the beach.” – Ann, his mother.

Robertson set up an Instagram account to showcase his photos, and he became a huge hit fast, growing to over 30k followers in under a year. Models, agencies, big film studios and regular Joes started coming to him asking him for private photoshoots. “I was making around 11k a month at one point, and it was very hard to do all this especially with the “company” I was working for at the time made it difficult to do photoshoots around work.”

With the money he was making he was able to buy more and more high quality equipment to use for his work. Always striving for the best results, he saved up all the money he could to get the most expensive cameras.

After becoming “Insta-famous” Robertson decided to head into business, and started off by resurrecting his fathers table tennis business, selling top of the line table tennis paddles and equipment. Robertson wanted to expand his fathers business because he saw in it lots of potential. “We are growing very fast and we make sales because we value quality over quantity every time, we are experts in our field, and we deliver the best products out of everyone.”

A very promising individual with a great future, Robertson is also humble as well, never boasts about his success, always just focused on success and that only, although he does spend a portion of his time donating to charities.

“People always doubted me growing up, always called me a loser and stupid because of my grades. I always knew I’d be successful though, I didn’t care what they said, I knew they were wrong.”

Robertson grew up in Merritt Island Florida, a small little city known most for hosting the Kennedy Space Center and many, many, shuttle and rocket launches. 

Robertson’s business American Hinoki has solely sold table tennis items but they are expanding into all avenues of sporting goods and their website is currently under maintenance but here it is if anyone is interested in it.https://americanhinoki.com/

Author: Kavinesh A

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