Published On: Mon, Nov 8th, 2010

Chinese man, Lin Kong uses scissors to clean teeth and swallows them

Chinese surgeons have saved a man’s life after he accidentally swallowed a pair of nail scissors he was using to clean his teeth. The photo of the scissors lodged in the man’s throat went viral across the Internet.

Lin Kong, 27, used a  four-inch-long pair of nail scissors as a toothpick to clean his teeth after a meal. As a friend told a joke, Kong laughed and swallowed the clippers. The man immediately tried to “cough up” the scissors, which were stuck facing upwards, and dig deeper into his throat each time he tried to cough.

Fear of serious damage set in and they raced to the medical facility in Putian for emergency care.

Chen Wei, a surgeon at the hospital, described the scene as the man arrived: “When he came in, his face was twisted, pale, and [he was] sweating. The patient was having difficulty swallowing and blood was mixed with his saliva.”

photo video coverage on the Telegraph

X-rays showed that the scissors had completely entered the man’s esophagus, with the sharp points sticking up into the epiglottis.

Surgeons could only operate under local anaesthetic, fearing that a general anaesthetic would have relaxed his body so much that the scissors would have slipped deeper down the throat.

“The entire surgery took around 30 minutes. Luckily Mr Lin does not have much of a wound left inside his throat,” said Dr Chen.

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  1. […] Lin Kong had borrowed a four-inch-long pair of nail scissors to use instead of a toothpick to clean his teeth after a meal and well, the rest is “Weird News” […]

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