Published On: Fri, Sep 8th, 2017

Make your kitchen worktop speak about your home’s personality: Few design ideas

What a statement necklace is to any outfit, a worktop is to a kitchen. You can’t deny the fact that your kitchen worktop endures many things. It is the place where you unload all shopping, the meals are prepared and kept on it and it is also sometimes the place of your kid’s homework.

Therefore it is vital to ensure that it’s durable enough to enjoy whatever odds life throws at it. At the same time, the kitchen worktop is also the main visual element of your space and hence it also requires looking good and it should complement the look of the cabinets.

Importance of choosing the best material for kitchen worktop

The main factor that you should consider is the material, few of the common options being wood, stone, man-made laminate and composite. Each of them has their unique properties. Natural stone and wood, along with the various colors look awesome in a period home but they are not scratch-proof and you also require regular maintenance. Due to this issue, a man-made composite material is usually a fuss-free alternative like Corian or quartz which blend different natural minerals along with resin to create durable surfaces which are not only easy to clean but also non-porous.

In case you’re someone who is on a tight budget, laminates seem to be a very good choice. This comprises of a design layer and plastic overlay attached to a man-made board and they can immitate different finishes from veined marble to weathered wood. The best part is that you get them at a very low price and they’re also water-resistant.

Where should you buy a worktop?

There are composite worktops and specialist natural stone kitchen worktops which are all combined as a part of bespoke fitted kitchen and these are all supplied by the cabinetmaker. Nevertheless, you will also get non-specialist laminates and timber worktops which you can get in different sizes or by the metre. If anyone is a DIY-er, he can even cut it into a definite size.

Few options for trendy kitchen worktops

  • Quartz: This is the most durable option among the trendiest kitchen worktops and variety of color is the biggest factor behind selecting this as your kitchen worktop. They’re indestructible and offer a minimal and modern look.

    Quartz kitchen worktops by caesarstone.co.uk

  • Trendy brass: The metallic accents will never go anywhere as they’re here to stay for long. If you visit an energetic house, you will always find a gleaming brass counter which will match the hardware and the panels of the refrigerator.
  • Modern wood: You can also go for a blend of modern wood tones. The island worktop can be iroko wood and you can install granite worktops on the remaining.
  • Iron edge: You can also add Imperial Grey marble which is edged with riveted iron so that you can easily get a royal look.

Therefore, if you’re wondering about the different ways in which you can reassemble your kitchen to give it the best look, you can opt for the above mentioned kitchen worktops options.

Author: Pankaj Deb

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