Published On: Wed, Aug 9th, 2017

Make the most of your trip to Prague

Are you planning your trip to Prague? Congratulations! This is an amazing city with rich history and amazing architecture, which will be attractive even to lovers of skyscrapers from New York City. If you don’t want to spend whole trip wandering through ancient city streets, you should create a clear plan of top places you are planning to visit.

photo/ Lubos Houska

Anyway, there are 5 places which any traveler to Prague must visit during their trip.

Top 7 places for a traveler to Prague:

  1. The Prague Castle: Don’t think that Prague Castle is some ruinous building of Roman architectural style. New parts and buildings have been added to this Castle throughout centuries making it a combination of various architectural styles and consequently adding the most famous buildings in this city;
  2. The national library: Prague can truly boast with one of the largest and the most beautiful libraries on our planet. As a part of Clementinum, this Baroque-style library has large halls and a large collection of books, some of which are aged 400 years. If you are planning your flight to Prague from New York, do not forget to visit Astronomic Tower and Mirror Chapel near this library;
  3. Charles Bridge: This bridge is one of the oldest and the most beautiful places in the whole Eastern Europe. Passing this bridge, travelers encounter 32 unique monuments, which create an awesome atmosphere throughout its whole length;
  4. St. Vitus Cathedral: Being an important part of Prague Castle, this cathedral is the most famous and important Prague’s Christian Church. It took more than 500 years to complete its building, and even now it doesn’t stop astonishing visitors with its mosaics, stained glass windows, and its altar with more than a thousand precious stones;
  5. The old town square: This is the most popular place in Prague, where you will confidently appear being led by citizens’ pieces of advice. Don’t forget to visit Týn Church, buy fancy souvenirs, and enjoy unforgettable atmosphere of Prague streets full of music and fun;
  6. Dancing house: This building is attractive not just because of its architectural value. It was constructed in the late 90s of the 20th century, exemplifying a man and a woman, united in a passionate dance. Although most of this building is filled with offices, you can come to a top floor and eat in its restaurant enjoying splendid view on a city of Prague;
  7. The National Gallery: Based in a beautiful palace, this building is a home to some very famous European art collections. Apart from a large collection of Czech artists, it contains artworks of Monet and Picasso which you will not find anywhere else in this world.

Don’t forget about some details

Prague remains one of the most popular travel destinations so don’t hesitate to book your ticket beforehand. Also, don’t forget bringing your camera as you will make a large number of amazing photos. And also never miss getting to Charles Bridge before sunset. Getting there by that time you will see some unforgettable views which you will never see anywhere else on our planet.

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