Published On: Sun, Oct 6th, 2013

LP Political Director Howell on ‘government shutdown’: ‘The government is very much open here in Washington, D.C.’

While the media and most political officials continue the hyperbole and scaremongering over the partial government shutdown, one spokesperson from the nation’s third largest  political party says the government slowdown is forcing some modest spending cuts, which are very much needed to stimulate the economy in the United States.

Carla Howell Image/Video Screen Shot

Carla Howell
Image/Video Screen Shot

In a recent interview with Russia Today, Political Director with the Libertarian Party, Carla Howell said of the “government shutdown” that is causing media panic, “the government is very much open here in Washington, D.C.

“What’s happening is a government slowdown, and it’s a welcome reduction in rampant, irresponsible, and reckless government overspending, which has to stop.”

Concerning the tangled mess of spending and Obamacare and resolving the “crisis”, Howell notes, “He [Obama] can do what the Republicans are now demanding: defund Obamacare. [Republicans] have already conceded to [just] delaying it. It should be completely repealed and defunded, and that would immediately end this stand off.”

The tourism industry is most affected by the “shutdown” according to the Director saying, “They’ve picked something very visible, which won’t actually kill anyone. They’ve shut down monuments. They’ve done things like in Washington, D.C., near where I work, they’ve shut down a boat house, and now they have two cops stationed there to keep the parking lot shut. They didn’t need two cops before.

“So they’re actually wasting money, spending more money to so-called shut down the government, which is actually just a reduction in spending. To do this, they’re wasting more money. It’s really just a joke.

“They should get serious about doing what the American people and the American economy need, which is cut reckless government overspending. We need to cut it dramatically, immediately, now. This is what they’re refusing to do.

“We can certainly start by defunding Obamacare.”



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