Published On: Tue, Aug 6th, 2013

Latest Florida poll shows Charlie Crist ahead as governor, with Libertarian Adrian Wyllie gaining support

The news may show only that Charlie Crist is ahead of the current Florida Governor Rick Scott 41-29%, but no one should look past the surge of support for Adrian Wyllie, the Libertarian candidate.

The St Pete Polls track Wyllie at 8.7%, closing in on 1 in 10 voters, for governor.

Adrian Wyllie gaining ground in the Florida race for governor? The most recent poll indicates "Yes"

Adrian Wyllie gaining ground in the Florida race for governor? The most recent poll indicates “Yes”

“You are done Rhino, we are going with Adrian Wyllie for governor in 2014. Respect for the Constitution, we will accept nothing less. Scott thinks he is Bloomberg,” writes a supporter named Deborah on Wyllie’s Facebook page.

Legalizing marijuana appeared by gaining support as well, with a strong 73.5% who favor “a Florida Constitutional amendment that would allow the use of marijuana for treatment of debilitating medical conditions if authorized by a doctor.”

Regulating pot in a similar manner as alcohol was 58.8 -35.4% in favor.

The Patch coverage of the poll focused heavily on Scott and Crist, but the voters appear to be moving away from the mainstream political figures and ideals.

Wyllie received support from 6.9 percent of voters identifying themselves as Democrats, 9.4 percent as Republicans, and 11.1 percent of Independents.

In terms of race, 8.8 percent of whites backed Wyllie, along with 9.1 percent of blacks, 8.0 percent of Hispanics, 4.9 percent of Asians/Pacific Islanders, and 9.6 percent other or unknown races.

Full survey and poll details here



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  3. johnd2 says:

    It is nice that Mr. Willie is polling at a respectable level. But NOBODY other than a Dem or a Rep has a real chance to actually win. The deck is totally stacked by unfair rules, the wasted vote conundrum, traditional thinking and a lazy semi bought off fourth estate. Libertarians, Greens and everybody else needs to put their effort into changing the electoral system to the approval form. Don’t believe me.. Google it and do some thinking.

    • john says:

      Don’t believe that nonsense you have been brainwashed with for one minute! That is what the duopoly and their Presstitute media want you to think. Wyllie is now around 10% in florida polls. Once he is included in the debates, anything can happen. Don’t loose faith. Libertarian’s are the fastest growing political party in the US. Don’t abandon us now!!

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  5. atiboy15 says:

    Wouldn’t that be something if Wyllie won? Maybe Florida will be the trend setter regarding Americans being fed up with the duopoly and bringing a Libertarian into office

  6. Burticus says:

    Hats off to The Global Dispatch for reporting news omitted by the cheerleading parrots in the lamescream corporate media cartel.

    Mr. Wyllie is the citizen’s alternative to the ruling party and their elephant/jackass sock puppets.

  7. […] Latest Florida poll shows Charlie Crist ahead as governor, with Libertarian Adrian Wyllie gaining su… […]

  8. Alex Snitker says:

    This is great to hear

  9. Jeremy L says:

    Article needs some proofreading. 4-29%?

    “Regulating pot in a similar manner as alcohol was 58.8
    -35.4%.” Was what? Favored? Opposed?

    “Legalizing marijuana appeared BY (to be?) gaining support as well”

    Great news in the article though!!!

  10. Deana S says:

    Thank you for talking about this poll and the Wyllie campaign for FL Governor 2014- keep up the good work!

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