Published On: Thu, Jul 28th, 2016

L Scholarships for Those Who Love Music

If you would like to be a professional musician, you have a long hard road ahead of you. Musicians are a dime a dozen, and while many of them are exceptionally good, very few make it to the top. You will have to get used to many doors being closed in your face, and people you care about urging you to consider a completely different career. It takes a thick skin to become a musician, in other words. But if that is your passion, then you need to follow it.

Colton Dixon Through All of It music videoOne way to improve your chances of not just following your passion, but also making it as a musician, is to get a relevant degree. There are many music colleges available across the country, and it is likely that there is one that offers a degree program that is exactly what you need. The problem is, however, that these colleges don’t come cheap and much less financial aid tends to be available to them. Much less, but not none, however. In fact, if you can get your hands on a music scholarship, you can finally get that degree you have always wanted.

Music Careers

The number of careers that exist in the world of music is almost endless. And that is another very good reason to actually get a degree. Even if, for whatever reason, you don’t make it as a performer, there will be lots of different things for you to do as well. In fact, any degree is better than no degree, as it demonstrates to employers that you have the potential to absorb information and apply it to real life. Some of the most common careers for those with a music degree include:

  • Composing
  • Teaching music
  • Working for record companies
  • Working in radio or television
  • Developing music software
  • Music production
  • Sound engineering
  • Computer and digital music
  • Film scoring


So, if you are ready to take that next step and follow your dreams, a little financial boost would be greatly appreciated. While scholarships for music degrees are limited, as previously stated, they are not non-existent. It is about knowing where to look for them. Through a scholarship, you will be able to pay at least part of your tuition and the cost of being a student.

Do remember that you have to get involved in this field because you love music. This is true not just because it is a long hard road, but also because those who provide scholarships to music students specifically look for motivation. If you are only in it for the money, because you hope that you will be the next superstar and earn millions, they are likely to see straight through that and give the scholarship to someone else. Some of the societies you may want to consider for scholarships include:

  • BMI Foundation
  • Anglo-Austrian Music Society
  • Donatella Flick Conducting Competition
  • Canada Council for the Arts
  • West Valley Light Opera
  • Florida Arts Council
  • Young Musicians Foundation
  • Women Band Directors International

As you can see, options are out there, you just have to seize them!

Guest Author: Lolita Di

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