Published On: Fri, May 25th, 2018

Know What Makes Instagram Bots One Of The Best Tools To Build Your Instagram Brand

Are you looking for the best yet easier way to expand your business or make yourself popular in just short lapse of time? Well, how can you get just tons of followers? The key here is to be active frequently. Like posts and comment on them. Create newer content more often. Follow related accounts and follow-back more people.

Do all these activities consistently. Wait!! Can you really keep this up each and every day? The answer is NO! So, what can be done? Well, here comes the role of Instagram Bot and automation! Before we dig deep into how it can benefit you greatly, let us first explore its basics.

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What really is an Instagram Bot?

Instagram Bot is basically an automation tool that automates all your Instagram tasks including liking, commenting, and following other accounts. While the most active users of Instagram do all these every day but it can take their lot of time.

On contrary, this automation tool can allow the users to install parameters like accounts to be targeted or some particular hashtags. After that, it will do all the necessary work. They can easily comment relevant things on any photo you specified. They can even follow the instagrammers in your niche automatically or just follow back users that first followed you. Overall, it can build your brand greatly! The following are some of the important features of the Instagram Bots.

  • Auto follow
  • Auto comment
  • Follow back
  • Unfollow
  • Auto like
  • Delete posts

Are they secure to use?

As a matter of fact, this amazing automation tool can greatly help the busy professionals that lack sufficient time for managing their accounts. However, some types of automation on the Instagram may intrude on social media platform’s terms of use.

Most of the Instagram Bots make use of Instagram’s API, sometimes without its permission. Apart from accessing private API, it can even violate the other Instagram terms of use like:

  • Enabling business in doing numerous actions all at once.
  • Storing or caching Instagram login credentials.
  • Illegal commercial communication and posting spam content.
  • Importing and backup content along with managing relationships over Instagram without permission.

However, instagram bots are still a good thing. Read on to know why!

What makes Instagram Bots good thing?

  • They are efficient and fast

Time is gold and you cannot agree less, can you? No matter how much you want to engage with your friends and followers on Instagram, it is never really going to work. After all, it isn’t practical at all to spend hours and hours in week on just your followers’ feeds. However, with bots, all these tasks are completely automated. So, you can generate results with least amount of efforts and time. Isn’t it just amazing?

  • Best way to increase your followers

Bots can easily search for the users in your niche and then auto-follow them. They can even follow-back the users that have already followed you. In this way, you can not only enhance your reach, but also discover potential customers. You now no longer require scrolling through an ample of profiles to find your potential customers. You can just let the bot find them for you!

  • They can engage well with your followers   

Building authentic engagement definitely takes time. However, bots can auto-follow, comment, and even like posts. While it may not be genuine engagement, it can still be quite fruitful in the end!

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