Published On: Wed, Feb 6th, 2019

Keys to TSS visa application: Things to keep in mind

The TSS visa or the Temporary Skill Shortage visa is permission to reside in Australia whilst working full-time for a sponsoring employer. It is usually a nominated position. A dependent family member can also apply for the TSS visa.

In case you are new to the visa application process for Australia or looking for general information regarding the TSS, this article will help you by shedding some light on the mystery. Let us get started!


Who can apply?

The TSS visa consists of two different term streams which include the short-term stream and the medium-term. The applicants for the Short-Term Skilled Occupations List (STSOL) can apply for up to two years (renewable once for a period of another two years) whereas the applicants for the MLTSSL or the Medium and Long-Term Strategic Skills List can apply up to four years. With the MLTSSL you can even apply for permanent residency in three years.

Qualifying for the TSS

You need to fulfil the two primary criteria for occupation and applicant skills to qualify for applying for a TSS visa. Let’s go over them in detail.


The occupation must feature in the approved Combined List of Eligible Skilled Operations. That is the first one. Also, the duties of the position must be the accurate reflection of the duties of the position listed in the ANZSCO (Australian New Zealand Classification of Occupations) as per the regulations of the Department of Home Affairs. The applicant must comply with the ruling of the ANZSCO with respect to the employment, education history and the position description.

Applicant skills

The second is the applicant skill set which the individual must possess to fulfil the role. Skills vary according to the occupation is a question, but it is mandatory to have at the very least two-year experience in the relevant field. Home Affairs case officers are in the right to cross-reference and check the position description, skill level and prior expertise supplied by the applicant in the TSS application form to verify the merit of the same. Applicants from the exempt country list including UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand and Ireland are not required to meet the English language requirements.

Other information

Applicants from all around the world must comply with the health and character certificate requirement for the visa application procedure. Police clearances and certificates from the county of the applicant or the last place of residence or anywhere the applicant has lived for 12 months, or more since turning 16 is essential as well.

Applying for the TSS visa

The application process for the TSS comprises 3 main steps.

Standard business sponsorship

The potential employer needs to be a Standard Business Sponsor to employ a TSS visa holder. You can obtain a Standard Business Sponsorship agreement after a demonstration of lawful and active operations base in Australia. A duly filled ABN application form and Business Activity Statements with financial statements need to be “in-order” are as well.


After filing for the SBS, the employer can nominate a position for an overseas citizen. There are two major requirements to be met here,

  • Labour market testing where the proof of an unsuccessful advertisement for the nominated position needs to be supplied to hire overseas skilled labour.
  • The salary level must be more than the Temporary Skilled Migration Income Threshold (TSMIT) and in the market rate for the role.

Hope this article has helped you with sufficient information on TSS visa.

Author: Charlie Brown

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