Published On: Wed, Sep 6th, 2017

Key Autumn Decor Trends

With Autumn well on its way, we look at key Autumn trends to influence, inspire and enhance your interior design plans over the next few months.

Autumn is nearly here, which means that a lot of your current decor isn’t going to work quite as well. It also means an exciting opportunity for change in the home, and updating your interior design to match the trends.

photo/ Prima Porcelain

To get you inspired for Autumn decor, here are some of the top 2017 Autumn trends:

Brown, Black, Green, Pinky-Red

This year has definitely seen a trend for the whitewashed rooms which are incredibly bright, clean and crisp. Now, we have browns, blacks, greens and a pinky-red coming in which are much more Autumnal, rustic and warm. There’s a lot of natural colouring in there, so you can easily echo the trend using natural products like wood and plants. The black is an easy colour to incorporate perhaps with wall tiles or floor tiles, or with ornaments. Incorporate blush using luxurious velvets, and thick, cosy covers to wrap up in.

Colour Blocking

This is where instead of choosing one bright colour for a room, you choose several that contrast together, it’s a wonderful way to brighten any room up this Autumn and works really well with large expanses of neutral flooring like a wooden floor or large white porcelain tiles.

Earthy Materials

Marble saw a bit of a resurgence in popularity, but it is being pushed out now in favour of earthy materials like wood, clay and worn metal. Marble is expensive so of course don’t get rid of what you have, but in future purchases consider more earthy materials instead, if you want to stay on trend.


A mixture of turquoise and blue, teal is a gorgeous, dreamy shade to incorporate into your interior look. It works really well on larger bits of furniture like cabinets, especially against natural materials like wooden floor tiles.

Aged Brass

Copper is everywhere right now, as is rose gold in the way of accessories from taps to sinks. It looks beautiful and incorporated into your home is timeless. However, having everything copper and rose gold is off-trend, likely because it has flooded the market so much that everyone has it. Aged brass is a much more on-trend alternative to consider for home accessories this Autumn.

Geometric Tiles

Geometric wall tiles and floor tiles, created using mosaic, are very much on trend, especially in neutral colours like cream with grey grout.

Mismatched Furniture

Furniture sets are completely off-trend and instead, there’s room for creativity and unique looks with mismatched furniture. This is a great trend for those who love antiques fairs and car boot sales, where you can grab a gorgeous floral pouffe, or an old but beautiful battered corner stool for a fiver.

Hopefully you’re feeling inspired by these new amazing interior design ideas. There are so many ways to take the ideas and run with them in your own unique way. Remember it is your home and new trends are meant to inspire, not dictate your individual style.

Join us for part two of Key Autumn Decor Trends where we’ll keep on giving you the best new trends for Autumn 2017.

Author: Amanda Gillam


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