Published On: Sat, May 28th, 2016

Kevin Sorbo attacks Redskins, PC police, ‘left loves to’ ‘erase the past’

Actor Kevin Sorbo has expressed support for the Washington Redskins, claiming that the politically correct left “love to erase history.”

The Washington Post recently conducted a poll which revealed the 9 out of ten Native American do not object to the name Washington Redskins. Sorbo posted a message on his Facebook page:

Redskins offensive? photo Katidid213 via wmc

Redskins offensive? photo Katidid213 via wmc

“I have always said this! The vast majority don’t care about this whole, stupid sports team name thing! My little home town of Mound, Minnesota went all PC on our high school mascot name, Mohawks, and changed to Whitehawks (wouldn’t some Black Lives Matter group call that racist?) No one pressured my little high school to change the name. The PC school board of Mound decided ‘it was the right thing to do.’ BS is what I say. Take away 100 years of tradition, but that is what the Left loves to do. Erase the past. Rewrite history. Ugh. Oops….is that a Native American war cry?”

Sorbo starred in the TV show Hercules and in several films, including God’s Not Dead. His current film is Caged No More, which deals with the subject of human trafficking.




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