Published On: Sat, Jul 11th, 2015

Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear to clerks: issue gay marriage licenses or lose job

The Democratic governor of Kentucky has a strong message for county clerks across the state: issue homosexual “marriage” licenses or lose your job.

Governor Steve Beshear refuses to make any consessions for religious freedom, or to protect the consciences of those who believe in traditional marriage between a man and a woman.

Beshear issued a statement saying that government employees “must recognize same-sex marriages as valid and allow them to take place.”

Casey Davis is a clerk whose religion teaches that it is unloving to facilitate homosexual sodomy or lesbian sexual activity.  He is among the Kentucky clerks who are not issuing licenses to homosexuals for religious reasons.

Gov. Beshear ordered Davis to issue homosexual licenses, or else he must quit.  “‘Issue marriage licenses or resign’ — those were the words,” Davis told reporters after meeting with Beshear. “I can’t quit…I have a mortgage to pay.”

Davis had hoped to convince the governor to call a special legislative session to address the religious liberty concerns of Christians and all Kentucky citizens who believe in traditional marriage.  Gov. Beshear turned down Davis’ special legislative session proposal as too expensive.

Instead, the governor gave him the ultimatum.

photo Matt Pascucci

photo Matt Pascucci

The governor and the clerk are at a stalemate, as Davis said he would neither issue homosexual licenses, nor resign.  “Nature’s law will supersede any law that man puts on a piece of paper,” Davis told NBC local affiliate WAVE.  “My job cannot go beyond what my conscience allows.”

Davis is partnering with Family Foundation of Kentucky, which has established a fund “for the legal defense of those who are targeted to have their religious liberty curtailed.”

Earlier this week, Davis proposed the automatic issue of marriage licenses online as a workaround so that clerks did not have to be involved.

“We bank online. We buy groceries online. … We buy hunting and fishing licenses online. I think that we can buy marriage licenses online,” he told The Associated Press. “And that relieves the 120 county clerks of this state.”


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