Published On: Tue, Dec 25th, 2018

Keeping Things Shady

Enjoying something to eat or drink, and entertaining always seem so much better when we are outdoors, and here in Australia, we are fortunate enough to have a climate that allows us to do so throughout much of the year. We haven’t mastered the art of controlling the weather yet, so there are days when we are planning a bit of a garden party, are all ready to fire up the barbecue, when it decides it is time to rain. There is also the reverse side of that coin, where it is an absolute scorcher, and even standing there tending the steaks and burgers can see you almost as well cooked as the meat itself. The benefit of a bit of shade and shelter has long been understood by creatures across the planet, and Australians are some of the best in the world at getting that right, especially where the yard and deck are concerned.

photo courtesy of Shade Master

Instant Climate Control

While an awning once upon a time was rarely seen other than on a caravan or a tent, they are now a regular addition to many Australian homes, providing shelter from rain and sun, allowing many an event to carry on happily, when it may have had to be cancelled or pulled indoors if not. Extended or retracted fully or partially in moments, the awning gives you the opportunity to control how much, or how little of what is coming from above, gets through to ground level. Also becoming more popular is the retractable roof, which is a very robust system, providing a level of protection that almost feels like you turned outdoors into indoors.

Great Versatility

It is not just the home property that requires a little periodic protection from the elements, as you will undoubtedly see many cafes and restaurants with outside seating, using retractable roofs and retractable awnings across Melbourne, each regularly saving patrons from needing to grab everything and run inside when things become inclement. Often completely custom engineered and available in a multitude of different styles, designs, colours and materials, there is something to fit pretty much any building, regardless of its age and architecture. For the commercial property it pays for itself, as it keeps customers who might otherwise leave, seated and spending money, not to mention the marketing medium it provides, and it works out well financially for the home owner too. The added style brought to a property enhances its desirability and value when you decide to sell, so you can use it while you live there and recoup your investment when you leave.

Fixed and Freestanding

While it is still currently fairly prevalent, there is no need for the shelter for the spot you desire to be physically attached to your building. Freestanding structures can be erected, very economically and even faster than those connected to the property, giving you the ability to provide cover for the patio, a swimming pool, or any other part of your garden or business. Your local specialist will have an incredibly wide selection for you to choose from, allowing your special event, or just breakfast or lunch, to continue regardless of what the weather decides to throw your way.

Author: Sophie Fenns

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